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Winter. Here in Canada, that usually means about five or six months of cold, ice, and snow. It means brushing off your car before going anywhere, getting your boots all full of salt, and feeling cold no matter what. It sounds miserable, and it can be if that’s the way you think about it. In truth, winter is what you make it! It can be just as magical as it can be miserable, depending on how you choose to live in it. Here are a few fun things to do this winter to make it less dreary and a whole lot more fun!

1. Get Outside!

Winter is only terrible if you let it get the better of you! Sometimes it can be hard to get outside and have some fun, particularly for busy students, but it only takes a little bit of time for a lot of enjoyment! Stop along your way to class and sled down a hill, have an impromptu snowball fight, or make some snow angels! There is no end to the fun you can have and the memories you can make. If you have a little more time on your hands, try heading out to a hill and skiing or snowboarding, or build a snowman!

2. Stay Cozy!

It’s not always in our best interests to go outside in the middle of winter—the cold isn’t something to take too lightly. So, if you can’t make it outside, or just don’t feel like it, there’s always plenty to do inside. Decorate your room for the holidays, make some hot chocolate, do some baking, or have a movie night! Even just curling up with a good book by the window and watching the snow fall can be a relaxing pastime.

3. Visit with Friends and Family!

Getting time off school in the middle of winter certainly has its perks, and most of us use this time to go home and visit with friends and family. Nothing feels better than coming in out of the cold to spend some time with a loved one, whoever they might be!

4. Volunteer!

Get into the spirit of the season by volunteering and making a difference in your community! There are tons of organizations which run during the winter. Whether it’s driving people home with Operation Red Nose or giving blankets and winter clothes to those in need, helping out can give you a warm feeling inside to melt away the winter’s chill! Winter is a time when a lot of people are in need, so don’t hesitate to get out there and lend a hand!

Shaelyn Ryan is a first year student at Queen's University, and is a fiction writer, having completed and self published two novels. She would love to answer questions and comments about her articles, writing, or anything at all at sjryan1900@gmail.com!
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