Celebrity Looks For Less

Every year for as long as I can remember, as August ends and a new school year approaches, I, alongside millions of others, make the same promise to myself that I am going to dress nicer for class. Unfortunately, while I truly wish to be the type of person who follows the ‘look good, feel good’ mentality, it typically only takes about a week of dancing into my jeans before, defeated, I return to my sweatpants. This year, however, I have no intention of breaking my new-semester-resolutions. I have spent the summer accumulating a collection of fashion inspiration, and have gone a step further by finding alternative options that are struggling-student friendly. Cute clothing with good prices leaves no room for excuses, so let's achieve our #fashiongoals together!

  1. 1. Kim Kardashian

    When this fashion mogul isn’t busy tending to her empire or studying law, mother of four Kim Kardashian has often been spotted wearing biker shorts, making it one of this season’s hottest trends. It’s versatility allows it to be paired with a large variety of tops, creating outfits that can be dressed up or down, and making them the perfect bottoms for busy gals who don’t have time for outfit changes between events. My personal favourite combination is to pair the shorts with an oversized tee or sweatshirt and chunky sneaker as Kim herself has been spotted multiple times. This outfit allows you to be the most stylish person in the room as well as the comfiest.

  2. 2. Bella Hadid

    Among all of the celebrities whose fashion inspires me, I have to admit that my own personal style icon, who I share with many others, is Bella Hadid. In her time in the spotlight, she has been the setter of many trends, although perhaps the most popular of them all exists as her pairing of jeans and corsets. Give your bust a little boost with a satiny corset top paired with distressed jeans to make it casual enough for class, yet trendy enough for a night out on the town. To perfect the outfit, I recommend completing the outfit with a slicked back bun or pony.

  3. 3. Celine Dion

    If you know anything about fashion, you know that Celine Dion is the queen of being extra. On the topic of her outfit choices, she has previously stated she is obsessed with clothes and that they help her to express herself, a sentiment that I could not agree with more. Among many other iconic looks, she has previously manipulated a simple beige suit into looking extravagant and elegant by wearing it backwards and adding a few pops of colour! While workwear chic is one trend that will never go out of style, this may be a bit over the top for a classroom setting, but is a great option for a more formal event such as a conference.

  4. 4. Emily Ratajkowski

    If you’ve been searching for that effortlessly stylish model-off-duty look, we’ve got you covered. You can in fact buy the exact pieces ultra-cool Emrata has been seen sporting on the streets of LA from her very own company – Inamorata! This super comfy two-piece set requires little to no thought and can be easily transitioned into fall with a jacket!

  5. 5. Rihanna

    Speaking of boss babes with their own company, this list would be incomplete without the mention of everyone’s favourite icon- badgalriri. The ultra-talented songstress recently launched a contemporary luxury fashion brand, ‘Fenty’, and while the pieces come with an haute couture price tag, it is still possible to achieve a Fenty-inspired look on a budget. The comfort of a blazer dress, the convenience of a fanny pack – what’s not to love? Perfect for casual days or special occasions, a fenty-inspired outfit will surely have you stand out in a crowd.