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Campus Cutie: Will Sanna

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

Name Will Sanna




Career goalAbsolutely no idea. Somewhere warm, hopefully.

Top thing to do on your bucket listI really want to play with lava in Volcanoes National park in Hawaii; it’s probably the most dangerous thing I’ll try and I’ll get some gorgeous glass samples out of it too.

Idol/Someone you look up toPeople that live with illness.

Perfect first dateOne where I don’t turn bright red and act terrified. Maybe at a museum?

What’s your favourite Queen’s related social media?  The compliments on QU Confessions always make my day.

If you can listen to only one opera for the rest of your life, what would it be?At gunpoint, I’d pick La Cenerentola. But only then.

Where are you most likely to be outside of class?   A steadily worsening state of panic.

Recently you have been offered to be a don next year, what’s the most important thing you want your frosh to know?    Learning to de-stress is really important; you can be a perfect, organized model student and then hit Friday and realize how drained you are. Sometimes it’s good to forfeit a mark to just go for a walk or talk to someone.

What are your words to live by?Tutto cangia a poco a poco. It means everything changes gradually.


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I enjoy long walks at night to the refrigerator.