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Campus Cutie: Mackenzie Jackson

Name: Mackenzie Elaine Jackson

Year and Program: 1st Year Masters, Industrial Relations

Hometown: Ajax, ON

What is your go-to Netflix show right now?

Friends. It’s always funny no matter how many times you watch it, but it’s also short enough to not waste an entire hour on every episode. Entertainment and efficiency is what I go for.

What song do you belt out in the car?

Our Song by Taylor Swift. I know every word. It’s an important song.

How honest are you? (Be honest)

*giggles* I’m pretty blunt. I’d say I’m a happy medium between The Pope and Donald Trump.

Stages or Ale?

Ale. I love Hip Hop Fridays, and CANTEEN!!!

Number 1 thing on your bucket list?

Go to Fiji. My favorite teacher in high school went to Fiji once. She told us all about it and ever since, it’s been something I’ve really wanted to do as well. I also like the name… FEEJEE.

How does a guy get your attention?

*giggles profusely* Slide into the DMs. I don’t know, maybe a smile and a “hello”… pretty simple.

What celebrity is a perfect 10?

Sandra Bullock. She’s SO versatile, I love her. Golly! I cried in The Blindside… and in both Miss Congeniality’s.

Who inspires you?

My high school guidance counselor…or my mom… or both. They are both just so strong.

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I'm Natalie! I am double majoring in Economics and Psychology at Northeastern University. I like to play piano, watch T.V., paint, draw, read, write, and dance! I speak fluent Spanish as my family is from Argentina and Uruguay, and I have a wonderful twin sister whom I absolutely love.
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