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Campus Cutie: Crista Leung

Name: Crista Leung

Faculty: Con-Ed Arts

Year: First Year

Hometown: Markham, Ontario


Quote that inspires you: “Dance like no one is watching”

Favorite book: Frankenstein, Geisha: A Life and Flowers for Algernon

Favorite TV show/Movie: Grey’s Anatomy, Drop Dead Diva, The Hunger Games, Safe Haven and Tangled

Favorite song of the moment: The Best Song Ever- One Direction

Favorite dish: Fried rice with tofu and sweet chili sauce J

Animal that most resembles you: According to my friend, I look like a raccoon!

Who is your celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake

What is your guilty pleasure: Sadly, it’s eating sweets; I finished a bag of Lindt chocolates in less than a week!

What is your favorite leisure activity? Going out for a run

Favorite place to get food: Tim Horton’s and Foody Mart!

Favorite place to study: My room J

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you be?

Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia!


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