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The Best Coffee Shops for Studying Off-Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

Stauffer Library and CoGro are great on-campus study spots, but sometimes we just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of student life for a bit in order to really focus on hitting the books. Here is a list of off-campus alternatives where you can get your caffeine fix and still get your work done.


Coffee & Company

This Kingston gem features a wide selection of caffeinated (and decaf) beverages served hot or cold, along with baked treats like lemon loafs and biscottis. One unique thing about Coffee & Company is that they offer an ice-cream bar with a wide variety of flavours and the option of having it in a cone or blended into a shake!

Pros: They offer a large drinks menu, good background music to study to and WIFI!

Cons: They currently do not have any outlets to charge phones or laptops, so it is recommended to arrive with a fully charged device if you plan on staying for a while.



Crave is a fairly new coffee shop in Kingston, but it has already risen through the ranks to become a student favourite. It offers a cool menu of unique drinks to try and a selection of pre-made sandwiches and pressed juices!

Pros: Crave has outlets beside every table and offers complimentary WIFI!

Cons: Due to its popularity, seats at Crave fill up very quickly, so we suggest going early to nab a spot!


Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar

Sipps offers gourmet coffee, desserts and the largest selection of tea amongst the contenders on this list. One thing unique to Sipps is that they give you a full pot when you order any of their teas, so with refill options, a view of the lake and their ultimate comfortable chairs, this local Kingston shop creates the perfect study environment.

Pros: Sipps offers comfortable seating, outlets at every table, and a view of the lake.

Cons: Sipps currently does not have WIFI options available, which might actually appeal to those who do not want any distractions.


The Common Market

The Common Market is a coffee shop by the wharf that gives off a quaint rustic feeling. You have the option of shopping for some local or organic groceries while enjoying their gourmet coffees, teas and pastries.

Pros: The Common Market has WIFI and provides a cozy atmosphere for studying.

Cons: The Common Market does not offer a lot of seating. However, it is located outside of the downtown hub, so it has less traffic than the other places.



For those that enjoy the comfort of familiarity and adding points to their rewards card, nothing beats going to a good old Starbucks. There are multiple locations for convenience and they are constantly updating their seasonal menu!

Pros: They offer the much requested outlets and free WIFI.

Cons: Starbucks can be quite packed sometimes – especially during exam season– so it may be tricky to find a seat.

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