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Remember the good old days when we were able to go outside, see friends and socialize with people? Oh what a time that was. It truly seems so long ago. Being inside has given me ample time to reminisce about those days. After listening to Dua Lipa’s new album, Future Nostalgia, it had me thinking about past summer memories when my friend and I got to see Dua Lipa in concert. 

I had asked three of my friends if they wanted to see the concert with me, since the tickets were pretty cheap and I really wanted to go to a concert with my friends. I had been to a concert previously with my mom, and while that was an unforgettable concert,  I wanted to experience what it would be like to go to a concert with people my own age (sorry mom). I wanted to see Dua Lipa in concert because I liked her songs, found them relatable and I thought her song New Rules encouraged female empowerment. Furthermore, she has a distinctive voice, she writes her own songs, her songs are catchy, and I like the range between pop songs and slower songs. While my two of my friends were on the fence about going, and then eventually decided not to buy tickets, one of my friends wanted to go, so we bought the tickets and then counted down the days until the concert.

The venue was at Echo Beach in Toronto which meant that the concert was outside. I remember that the weather forecast had called for rain, so I kept hoping that the skies would stay clear and that it wouldn’t rain on us – luckily it didn’t. As my parents drove my friend and I to the venue, we listened to Dua Lipa’s album while discussing which songs we thought she would sing. When we arrived at the venue we waited in line for about an hour before being admitted and we then had to wait for another hour as more people piled in. We watched the opening act, Ellie X, perform and while a few people filmed her, the majority were saving their phone battery and storage for the main event.

Microphone on stage
Bruno Cervera

We waited in suspense for the real show to begin, for the moment that we had all been waiting for. First came the strums from the guitarists, then came the sound of Dua Lipa’s voice as she started singing the lyrics from the song Blow Your Mind. This got the crowd cheering, but it wasn’t until Dua Lipa walked across the stage wearing a silky white top knot shirt and a short white loose skirt that sparkled when the light hit it, did the crowd go wild. People jumped up and down with their hands in the air as others screamed “I love you Dua Lipa!!” The atmosphere was filled with energy and excitement and my friend and I were swept up in the moment. Any thoughts or worries had melted away as nothing else seemed to matter except for this moment in time. It was so nice to just enjoy being young, wild and free. We were pumped as we danced along to the music while screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs with no one being there to judge us. Flashing lights that changed colours as well as a board in the background that changed colours and patterns – somewhat like a projector or greenscreen – really added a layer of uniqueness and contributed to the thrill of the concert. The vibrations of the music enveloped us as we could feel it in our bones. Adrenaline pulsed through our veins making us feel alive. My friend and I were surrounded by strangers, yet we were bonded by a commonality of love for this artist and her music. My favourite performances by Dua Lipa were probably when she sang her most iconic songs: New Rules, IDGAF, and Scared to Be Lonely. Dua Lipa finished the concert with the song IDGAF and everyone was screaming for more. Much to our dismay, the concert had come to an end, which left us in disbelief as we didn’t realize how quickly time had passed and could not believe that the concert was now over. Despite our throats being sore from singing and our phones were almost dead from filming, we left with big smiles on our faces and no regrets. Overall, it was such an amazing, magical and unique experience to see Dua Lipa in person and hear her perform live. Although the concert flew by, it was an experience that will last a lifetime. So, when social isolation stops, I urge you to go to a concert with friends and let loose and have fun!

Gillian Stewart

Queen's U '23

Gillian is an avid reader who loves to read and write. She enjoys physical exercise such as skiing & snowboarding, field hockey, going to the gym, and leisurely swimming. Lastly, Gillian loves travelling, hanging out with friends, taking photos and trying new foods.
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