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#AsSheIs on November 6th: Are You Up for the Challenge?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

An unfiltered, unedited, unstaged social media post. Along with the photo is a caption that is raw, transparent and authentically you. Are you up for the challenge?  

On November 6th, 2019, Live Life Unfiltered (LLU) is challenging YOU to post something you may not feel comfortable posting: your true, authentic self. 

LLU is a social media movement designed to remind young women that behind every perfect photo is still a regular girl with insecurities and bad days. Based on the ideas of Aerie Real and Humans of New York, LLU is a unique blend of both, aiming to share the incredible stories of women along with a (truly) candid photo. 

In 2018, Co-Founders Teagan and Keisha Simpson, came up with the idea after struggling for years with their own insecurities. Keisha struggled with her body image, being especially insecure about her legs, believing that they were too big. Keisha said, “I realized that I would go on social media and compare my biggest insecurity, my legs, to other girls’ legs on Instagram. I would then pick apart my body, finding so many flaws.” However, the photos she was comparing herself to were often filtered, posed or edited. 

The sisters soon realized that most of their friends also struggled with comparisons on social media. Keisha said, “The problem is that we forget that the photos posted on social media are filtered, posed and edited. Every woman realizes that these photos are filtered, but as we scroll endlessly through Instagram we begin to take these perfected photos as reality.” The sisters decided that they needed to do something about this problem. Thus, they founded Live Life Unfiltered.

After interviewing over 500 women, the sisters learned that almost all of us have insecurities; the problem is that we don’t talk about them. Keisha said, “Our hope is that the stories from Live Life Unfiltered can help a young woman realize that we all have a story, every single one of us…despite the fact that most of us have a ‘perfect’ Instagram account.”

LLU is not against filters, editing or posing. However, what the movement is addressing is that we need to be aware that most individuals use filters and photoshop. We cannot always take Instagram as reality. Keisha said, “For the most part, Teagan and I don’t add filters (we have in the past) and don’t photoshop. But I do ‘filter’ by carefully selecting the photos I post to show myself in the way I want to. I tend to only post photos of my legs in what I believe is a flattering angle. This is something I am working on still… posting photos of my legs.”

We need to become cognizantly aware of the negative implications of social media—especially when we compare ourselves to others. Adding LLU to your feed will remind you to stop comparing. Not only will it serve as a reminder but it will encourage you to live life unfiltered in all facets of your life.

To start, you can take part in LLU’s viral Instagram challenge on November 6th, 2019: the #AsSheIs Challenge. LLU wants YOU to take part in this challenge so that we can bring transparency to social media. There are 4 steps of conquering this challenge:

  1. Post an unfiltered photo

  2. In your caption be real, vulnerable and unfiltered – show who YOU are

  3. Tag 2 friends to continue the challenge

  4. Use the hashtag #AsSheIs and tag @livelife_unfiltered

Participants from around the globe have already confirmed that they are participating including Alana Blanchard (Pro Surfer), Karina Irby (Body Positive Influencer), Sydney Lotuaco ( Dancer/Model from Bachelor in Paradise), Shenae Grimes-Beech (Hollywood Actress), Mariana Atencio (TED Speaker), Michelle Khare (Youtuber), and Katelyn Osmond ( Canadian Olympian Medalist). 

That being said, are you up for the challenge?

Photos by Live Life Unfiltered

Hailey Rodgers is from a small town called Westport, Ontario and is in her third year of Commerce at Queen's University. She loves to travel, meet new people, and learn. Hailey's passion for adventure and sharing her experiences is illustrated in her writing. 
HC Queen's U contributor