Another Cliché Article About Travel



So you spend time updating your blog, your Instagram, or your Facebook status. What about updating yourself? Well that is exactly what I did this winter break. How did I do it? I did what every “lost” and “mildly adventurous” person does – I traveled.


I threw parts of my heart in the canals of Amsterdam and over several cliffs in Ireland. Traveling reminds you what is most fantastic about life itself. Here are a couple of things I learnt in just under two weeks of doing so:


  1. Talking to friendly 40-something Irish couples is always a good idea – we probably would’ve missed out on a couple of little hidden gems along our road trip if it wasn’t for them. In other words, strike up conversations with locals in the country you’re visiting – they’ll tell you some useful information.

  2. Don’t stop driving when it gets dark out, especially if you’re road-tripping with a significant other. In other words, some of the best conversations tend to happen when you’re stuck in a car with terrible radio.

  3. The early bird catches the worm. In other words, the earlier you wake up, the more sights you get to see. Kind of obvious.

  4. You leave a little bit of yourself where you have traveled to, and bring a little more back. In other words, the person you were before your travel experience is going to be merely a memory. Prepare yourself for that.

  5. That everyone has probably said something like “Why would anyone risk their life to take a picture?” and not meant it. In other words, you’re going to see some crazy beautiful things, and you’re going to want to capture that moment with more than just your eyes. Trust me.

  6. You develop some sort of illicit relationship with places and situations that you’ll never forget. In other words, the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have will be with a place.

  7. Always be early for transport. No other way to put it. Seriously – I’m scarred for life.

  8. BE SPONTANEOUS – That’s my motto for life. In other words, spontaneity will bring about the most adrenaline, excitement and freedom you’re ever going to experience, ever.