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8Tracks Playlists for Every Student Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.


PLAYLIST: Emotional Vampires (link – http://8tracks.com/rookiemag/emotional-vampires)

Might as well start things off with a bang. When you’re pissed off at the world, it’s easy to go into something of a barbaric rage and want to crush everything around you, including that glorious donair in your hand that you just bought. PRO TIP: DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, expel your anger by blasting this playlist through your headphones. Arctic Monkeys will blow your negativity away with some pissy guitar riffs and you’ll feel much better listening to voices that sound just as angry as you feel. Bonus points for ranting on your blog.


MOOD: It’s morning and I’m sleepy and agitated and I just want to go back to bed.

PLAYLIST: 6:47 AM (link – http://8tracks.com/otarap/6-47am)

Morning grogginess is an inconvenience that must be fought tooth and nail. Waking up early in the AM is worst when you still feel very bushed after a long night of sleep. This jazz playlist featuring the likes of Amy Winehouse and Frank Sinatra will be sure to wake you up and put you in a state of lighthearted joy. Bonus happy points if you wear something with polka dots on it.


MOOD: I am going to kick this essay’s butt. BUT FIRST, I need a little motivation.

PLAYLIST: Warrior (link – http://8tracks.com/something_blue_at_221b/warrior)

When you’re feeling more badass than usual but you need a little something extra to kick-start your day/study time/cuddle session, put this playlist on high volume. It’s all rock and all fight, featuring Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy. Just the type of tunes to get you feeling unstoppable.


MOOD: I feel happy and quite cute today, and I’d very much like some songs to match.

PLAYLIST: Awkward (link – http://8tracks.com/beachgoths/awkward)

There are some days where you’ll wake up and it’ll feel like the sun is shining out of your boot(y)eus maximus. It’s important that you take advantage of these rare days and really milk the heck out of them. One way I like to do that is to listen to this fun indie playlist, which is super upbeat and includes tracks by Vampire Weekend and San Cisco. Dancing is optional, but highly probable.


MOOD: I am dead inside.

PLAYLIST: Thinking and Sinking (link – http://8tracks.com/arlynfoma/thinking-and-sinking)

You know that feeling. When you’re riding the wave of malaise and your mind has wrapped itself around you, suffocating you with melancholy thoughts and feelings, give this playlist a listen. Its dark vibes and chilling ambiance have this weird way of making you feel less alone, ironically.


MOOD: Time to get my study on.

PLAYLIST: On a Blighted Star (link – http://8tracks.com/nothing-ethereal/on-a-blighted-star)

Classical music works wonders for studying. Though I’m not completely sure about the science behind classical music improving memory and retention of information (in fact, I don’t even know if it’s true at all), what I am sure of is that it focuses my short attention span like no other, and allows me some semblance of productivity. It helps keep the easily-distracted part of my brain busy while providing peaceful background noise. Try it out and see if it helps you.


MOOD: I’m a sad little raincloud. A hug would be nice.

PLAYLIST: A Little Comfort (link – http://8tracks.com/tengreenbottles/a-little-comfort)

When you’re having a gloomy day and you’re feeling a bit discouraged in the general area of, y’know, life, treat yourself to a virtual hug with this playlist. A little uplifting piano and a warm cup of some herbal tea will do you so much good. For additional comfort, set a chair by the window if it’s raining and watch the little water droplets race each other down the glass. Alternatively, in case that’s too juvenile of an activity for you, a favourite book and warm blankets will suffice.


MOOD: The jammies are on and I’m ready to disrupt this bed.

PLAYLIST: Deep Sleep I: The Meadow (link –  http://8tracks.com/praescripsi/deep-sleep-i-the-meadow)

If you sometimes have trouble falling asleep like I do, it might be helpful to get into the habit of putting your earbuds in before you drift off to sleep. This playlist has helped me multiple times, giving me deep sleeps filled to the brim with dreams. It has an overall tranquil vibe with bits of nature sounds thrown in to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The 8Tracks app also has this great feature that allows you to set a sleep timer so that the playlist will automatically shut off as soon as you fall asleep. Pretty neat stuff.

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