8 Things Girls With Curly Hair Will Relate To

1. When summer hits and the humidity doesn’t show any mercy.

No point in straightening your hair if it’s just going to get frizzy, right ladies?

2. When it’s raining but you’re determined to make it to ‘Taylor Swift Throwback Thursday’ at Undies. 3. Otherwise, the rain hits and you’re one hot mess.

4. Or when you just get out of the shower and want to straighten your hair, but you’re running late for class.

5. So you opt for putting it up instead, even if it can get…frustrating at times.

6. When your friends ask you why you don’t wear your hair naturally curly more often.

Good one.

7. And when they also ask what products you use to get your hair more…tame.

Do you have an hour?

8. But when you do have the best curly day ever, you get to flaunt your curls like there’s no tomorrow.

The struggle’s definitely worth it.