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Ahhh, Fall. It’s finally here. My two favourite seasons are Fall and Spring, and even though they can seem like polar opposites, I love how each one of them feels like a new beginning in their own way. Spring is filled with new life — baby animals being born, the first crocuses and tulips pushing through the snow, and the first really warm blue-skied sunny day. On the other hand, Fall is filled with both new beginnings and lovely endings — picking the last of the ripe tomatoes out at the grocery store, starting a new year at school, watching long August days turn into cozy September days, and rewatching the season finale of Gilmore Girls for the billionth time.

However, Fall sometimes gets a bad rep for being dreary, cold, rainy, and all-around *bleaugh*. Whether you’re decidedly NOT a fan of Fall, or if you’re in need of a pick-me-up around midterm season, or you’re ready to fully lean into the Fall atmosphere, here are five easy steps you can take to level up your Autumn:

1. Take a bundled-up walk every morning

The first step to having a great Fall is to actually get out there and experience it! Try this on the mornings when you don’t have 8:30s — get up at 7:45, cozy up in a big comfy sweater, sleepily drag yourself to your kitchen and make yourself a delicious drink of your choice (I’d recommend an iced coffee with cinnamon and sugar, or an Earl Grey tea with milk). Then, put in some headphones and pick a Fall-inspired podcast to start your day off with. My fave for this time of year is Potterless, a podcast about a 24-year-old man reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. Not only is it nostalgic, but it’s also a lovely start to the day that gets your blood — and endorphins — flowing.

2. Wander around a Farmer’s Market

A great place to venture while you’re on your Fall walk! The beauty of a Farmer’s Market is that you can easily venture around on a sunny Fall day without feeling obligated to buy anything. Just wandering through the stalls and looking at all the fresh veggies, fruit, and flowers is enough to make anyone’s day.

3. Create your Fall playlist

An essential component to any good Fall season is cultivating the perfect soundtrack to go along with it. Personally, I love my Fall playlist to consist of oldies-but-goodies (think Cat Stevens and Van Morrison) as well as current faves meant for easy listening (think cardigan by Taylor Swift and I Think I Like When It Rains by WILLIS). If you’re in need of some inspo, I’d recommend Spotify’s “Scenic September” pre-made playlist.

4. Notice the little things

The way the cool breeze feels on your skin. The way you’re cold in the shade but toasty warm in the sun. The excitement when you see the first pumpkins out on porches. The increased excitement when you see that said pumpkins haven’t been destroyed by Kingston’s squirrel population just yet. There is so much beauty in Fall!

5. Make time for the important things

We only have so many Falls that we can enjoy. As stressful as Midterm Season and meeting your academic needs is, it’s important to ensure you’re not forgetting about your emotional needs. Whether you grab a coffee with your friends and sit outside on the quad for 20 minutes, or walk back from class everyday with them, or host a baking night, make sure you find ways to incorporate fun, friends, and comfort into your Fall routine.

Now go out there and live this Fall like it’s your very first one!

Molly Robertson

Queen's U '25

Molly is a second-year psychology student studying at Queen's University. When she's not at CoGro, you can find Molly listening to the Lumineers, trying to decide on her next tattoo, or spending all her money on coffee.