5 'Out of the Box' Summer Job Ideas

1. Uber Eats Delivery

Do you know how to ride a bike? Do you want to make money? Delivering Uber Eats via bike can help you rake in quick cash

2. Au Pair

If you like kids and want to see a different part of the world, au pairing may be the job for you. You get free food and accommodation and get the opportunity to travel and learn a new language. Visit aupairworld.com to get started.

3. Server at a retirement residence

If you’re tired of the stressful and fast-paced serving life of a restaurant, check out a server job at your local retirement residence. Servers are able to form connections with the residents and help to put smiles on their faces. Work that’s meaningful? Sign me up!  

4. Start your own business

Car cleaning, garden maintenance, and painting are all types of small business services you can provide to make thousands in one summer. Be a mini Elon Musk.

5. Work at a hostel abroad

Let’s get this bread…and probably not money because most hostels will house and feed you for free, but don’t provide monetary compensation. Nonetheless, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, see the world, and have tons of fun while doing so. Check out workaway.com for opportunities.