3 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching RuPaul’s Drag Race

Let’s be honest: Reality television is known to have a bad reputation. Many people see the genre as being cheap, low-brow and void of quality or care from showrunners. In many cases, judgements such as these can have merit to them. But there is one show that is making significant strides in the reality TV world: RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality competition show that showcases the talents of Drag Queens to find “America’s Next Drag Superstar”. Here are three reasons why you should add Drag Race to your must-watch list!

1. LGBTQ+ Representation

Not only is Drag Race a step beyond many reality television shows in terms of quality, but it is also one of the few shows on television today made for LGBTQ+ people by LGBTQ+ people. The show is not afraid to embrace its roots in the history of drag and it also presents the art of drag to newer audiences that have little to no previous knowledge or experience of it. In recent seasons, Drag Race has represented many issues facing the LGBTQ+ community by addressing the experiences of its contestants in the real world and helping to bring these experiences to the attention of many non-LGBTQ+ viewers. It is very important for marginalized minority groups to be represented in the media and Drag Race is one show that provides such a platform.

2. The Challenges and Fashion

The true heart of Drag Race comes from the performances and looks that each of the queens put out every episode. Each week, the contestants have to perform in the main challenge (i.e. acting, comedy, makeover, design, etc.) and present an outfit on the runway. After the judges critique them, a winner of the challenge is chosen and the two queens at the bottom of the week have to compete in a lip sync performance to stay in the competition. The creativity and talent that the queens show every week are absolutely worth the watch!

3. The Drama

While Drag Race has a lot of unique aspects in comparison to other reality TV offerings, there is definitely no shortage of drama! With the show being a competition, tensions can certainly be high, with them spilling over into arguments between contestants. These confrontations have led to some of the show’s most memorable moments and catchphrases, such as “This is not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!” along with countless others. As a viewer, just remember that this is still television and that most of the queens are good friends outside of the show, so don’t take these fights too seriously.

Whether or not you are a reality TV fan, Drag Race is a phenomenal show with lots of entertaining moments and talent to showcase. C’mon Her Campus, let’s be SICK’NING!