2 New Drinks to Try if You’re Sick of Your Regular Vodka Cran

Everyone has their go-to drink. The one they instinctively think of grabbing when at the liquor store. The one that has stuck it out through the good times and the bad times. My personal one has remained the regular Smirnoff with cranberry or some type of juice. This can get pretty boring after the 100th night out though. So, in the spirit of switching things up, here are 2 really tasty drinks I recently discovered that you should try if you need a break from your committed beverage relationship.

1. Angry Orchard’s Rose Hard Cider

This fresh off the orchard bottle is sure to make all millennials happy. It has the best of both worlds - a combination of rose and cider. It is made from rare red flesh apples in France which come together to create a sweet, yet slightly dry taste. Anyone who loves rose is sure to find something new and exciting about this delicious category of its own. Also, the packaging is extremely pink and pretty.

2. Truly Spiked Sparkling Water

Anyone looking for a low calorie and refreshing drink should definitely seek this out. Being only 100 calories, it’s a nice change from the heavy beers or sugary cocktails you’re used to. It comes in lime, grapefruit, blood orange and lemon. I personally think it’s perfect for a nice pre-drink because it won’t cause any bloating and will taste completely different from what you might usually drink.  

Drink safely, friends!