13 Killer Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Create From Your Own Closet

So you’ve waited until October 31 at 6pm to think of a Halloween costume. None of the youtube videos or pinterest boards are as quick, easy or convenient as they say. You can’t find your devil ears and you just CAN’T wear that tight black dress with cat ears for the third year in a row! Fear not, basic witch. I’ve gone through a similar experience myself. I know what it’s like to have no time to create the extravagant crafts outlined in the “Simple DIY Halloween Costumes!” tutorial. Lucky for you, I’ve managed to come up with a combination of funny, cute, scary and sexy costumes you can pull together from the convenience of your own closet, with little-to-no crafting or purchasing involved! And don’t worry, all of these costumes can be dressed up with a jacket to make sure you survive the chilliness of Canadian October.  

Mason Ramsey 

Why wouldn’t you want to be the cutest meme of 2018! A simple costume that’s sure to get a few laughs. Pro tip: Turn this into a couples costume by having your other dress as Walmart.

What You’ll Need: White collared dress shirt, white cowboy hat, red bowtie, and a belt. 

Regina George’s Mom 

Be a cool mom, not a regular mom this Halloween! Your friends need some snacks or a condom? You’ve got them covered. 

What You’ll Need: A matching tracksuit. Maybe pink. Bonus points if its velour and juicy.

Violet Beauregarde 

Violet, you’re turning Violet! Turn heads with your mediocre-at-best makeup skills in this costume.

What You’ll Need: A blue sweater and blue pants. Use your best violet-looking eyeshadow and cover your nose with it to show the illusion of Violet turning violet! 

Spinelli from Recess

Be the baddest b*tch on the playground this year and channel your inner Spinelli. 

What You’ll Need: A red dress, a black leather jacket and an orange hat with some black booties.

An Athlete 

Missing the days of your prime, that time you were an all-star athlete in high school? Fish out your old sports uniform or a jersey from a team you support and call yourself a washed-up athlete. 

What You’ll Need: Sports jersey, biker shorts or leggings, and eye black for under your eyes. 


Raid your parents closets, find their clothes from the 80s, and VOILA! You are a hippie. 

What You’ll Need: A tie-dye shirt, your least-skinny jeans, and a colourful headband or earrings.

Literally Any Princess

Pick your favourite Disney princess and figure out what their main colour of clothing is. Then grab a tiara and may all your princess fantasies come true! 

What You’ll Need: A shirt/ skirt or dress in your favourite princess’ colours and a tiara. 

Kim Possible 

What’s the sitch? Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me in this cute and fun costume!

What You’ll Need: Black long sleeved mock/ turtle neck top, green pants, black booties 

The Bachelorette

Still mad that Hannah didn’t choose Tyler C? Live out your bachelorette fantasy and give yourself an excuse to pull out your fancy prom dress that you didn’t think you’d ever wear again. 

What You’ll Need: Your fanciest and prettiest dress, and a rose as your prop.


Relive your childhood Halloween’s and pull out those fairy wings that have shoved away in your basement storage for 15 years.

What You’ll Need: A light coloured or pastel dress and some wings. 


Love your cheetah and leopard print pieces but don’t want to be another basic animal? Switch it up and become a cavewoman!

What You’ll Need: Cheetah/ Leopard print top, skirt or dress. Mess up your hair a bit, put some dark makeup on and you’re set. 

The Purge (or just another scary person)

Grab that old, oversized white t-shirt that you never wear anymore, smear some fake blood on it and become your sexiest nightmare. 

What You’ll Need: A white t-shirt that can be worn as a dress, and fake blood. 


Remember that black dress you wore for your cat costume? Revamp [;)] it with some blood and become a vampire! 

What You’ll Need: Black dress (or other black outfit!) and some fake blood