12 Struggles Creative Writers Can Relate To

  1. 1. Writer’s Block

    This is obvious, but it’s just the worst. Sometimes we just can’t think of something to write, and this can be especially infuriating.

  2. 2. Getting criticism

    A huge part of writing is receiving feedback on our work, and although the purpose of it is to help us improve as writers, it can still be super nerve-wracking.

  3. 3. Letting others read your writing

    Before receiving criticism, simply letting others read your work can be stressful itself.

  4. 4. Having no time to write

    Between your studies, work, and social life, it can be really hard to find time to write.

  5. 5. Finding time to write, but not being able to

    Sometimes you can plan something and fantasize about writing it but when it’s actually time to write, you can’t. You can thank writers block for that.

  6. 6. Not being in the mood to write

    When you actually have time to write, but you just don’t ‘feel’ like it.

  7. 7. Spending hours searching for one single word

    Because finding the perfect synonym for one word in one random sentence is somehow absolutely essential.

  8. 8. Every ‘genius’ idea you came up with somehow being taken

    When that random shower thought you had that you swore was never thought of before ends up being done already. Countless times.

  9. 9. Writing and not being able to stop

    Sometimes we have a writing session rolling so well it seems as if you haven’t seen civilization or sunlight for days.

  10. 10. Re-reading your own work

    When you wrote something at 3 am and re-read it the next day and immediately question your abilities as a writer.

  11. 11. Self-doubt

    This leads to you question your entire existence. “Should I even be a writer?”

  12. 12. Having countless notebooks filled with random ideas, lines, and words

    And then realizing you don’t even remember or understand the context on why you wrote them down.

There you have it! The perils of creative writing have never been more relatable.