11 Ways to Take a Break During Finals

Exam season can be extremely stressful.

It is good to sit down and grind it out, but it is also very important to take a break every now and then.

Here are some of my favorite ways to take a break:

  1. Take a nap. Being well rested will help you to study more effectively and perform to the best of your ability on your exams!

  2. Get a slice of cake from CoGro! Treat yo’ self

  3. Go to the gym! If you are too intimidated by the weights section, the women’s gym on the top floor is always a good place to go.

  4. Make a quick trip to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre to take in the beauty of the Queen’s campus.

  5. Do your laundry, clean your room, make your bed (especially if you like to study in your room). A neater environment allows you to concentrate much better, trust me.

  6. Do some stretches. I recently tried hot yoga for the first time and found the whole experience so calming and refreshing. 10/10 would recommend!

  7. Put on some music and dance! You don’t have to be the best dancer in the world to enjoy dancing.

  8. Meditate! Effective meditation comes with practice. Apps like Headspace are great if you are new to meditation.

  9. Call family or a friend from home.

  10. Eat/drink/slurp something. Keeping your body fueled is key to a successful exam season.

  11. Take a stroll somewhere, preferably outside. Embrace everything mother nature has to offer.

Good job everyone!