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10 Wildest Things Queen’s Boys Have Actually Said to Girls

“In third year, a guy told me he wanted to be exclusive but only on weekdays.”

“I had been talking to this guy for a bit and then one night he said, ‘If you were as cool as you were hot I’d be in love.’ Thanks!!!!”

“One guy I had been seeing told me he was more interested in somebody else and didn’t want to hook up with me anymore, but that if the new girl was ever down for a threesome he’d hit me up.”

“In first year, I tried to get into Ale with a fake and failed. As I was walking away, the guy behind me in line called me over, handed me his phone with a ‘new contact’ page open and said, ‘Your ID is fake but if those tits aren’t then let’s meet up later.’ Helllllllll no.” 

“One night I was walking back from the bars with a guy when he said to me: ‘Wow… I really didn’t think it would be so easy.’ I asked, ‘What would be so easy?’ to which he replied, ‘You. I was just talking to you and now we’re already on our way back to yours.’ I legitimately sprinted away.”

“In second year, a guy told me to let him know if I ever ‘wanted dat $tick.’ I wish I could say I didn’t hook up with him after that.”

“I was making out with a guy and after a few minutes he looked down at his d**k then back at me and said, ‘Why don’t you give him a little kiss?’ Yeah how about you leave.” 

“’I put the STD in stud, now all I need is U.’ Yup.” 

“A few weeks ago, I met a guy at Stages and he hit me with ‘You look exactly like my ex, but slightly less hot. Let’s see if you’re better in bed.’ Just let me know in what world that would ever work.” 

“After having sex with a guy, while still in his bed, he told me I had to leave because the ‘girl of [his] dreams’ would be arriving in 20 minutes and he really wanted to hook up with her.”


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