10 Things Every Zodiac Lover Can Relate To

1. You relate so much with your zodiac, you’re basically living proof of one.

2. That feeling when something from your horoscope comes true and you're torn between telling your friends vs. keeping it to yourself so you sound sane.

3. When your love for astrology comes into conversation and someone says it’s all made up.  

4. Feeling low-key (high-key) disappointed when your horoscope doesn’t relate to you no matter how hard you try to make sense of it. “This week, you’ll kindle a new hobby that will bring out a whole set of new traits.”…Does binging Netflix count?

5. When you meet someone new and want to get a rough sense of their character, so you go to extreme lengths to figure out their zodiac sign.

6. Even better: when that "new someone" is a potential bae, so you sort out your zodiac compatibility before telling your friends about them.

7. But then you figure out that he’s a Leo… and you’re a Pisces…

8. And realize that you were waaay better off not knowing.

9. It’s okay though, you couldn’t possibly consider turning someone down over their zodiac sign. That would be wrong… right?

10. Then you finally meet that one equally crazy friend who’s obsessed with astrology as much as you are, and it’s all okay, because you can be weird together.