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Your Prime Opportunity to Make a Friend, Flirt a Little, or Potentially Meet Your Soulmate

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Airports are simply just large spaces full of horny people trying to make their flight on time. The sexual tension standing in line for security or when you take a seat at your gate is through the roof. Everyone, meaning our age category of college kids, is so stupidly horny for no reason. Nobody can disagree with me here. Once you go through puberty, traveling becomes more than just getting to your destination. It’s a game. Can you obtain a snapchat or phone number of a cute airport crush human that you will most likely never see in your life ever again? Who knows, but it’s the thrill that keeps me traveling (and to go home)! 

“I saw him and I just knew, then and there.” Yeah, no that’s not normally the case. Although my brother and his now wife are examples of the small percentage of true airport lovers. The Cabo airport is where it all started. They were eyeing each other from afar and ended up speaking real words to each other (another rare instance since the entirety of airport love is mostly staring at your selected piece of eye candy and their suitcase) to then realize they both lived in the Bay Area. After their Cabo vacations, they met up and ever since then, it’s been Colin and Amanda. They are a package deal and ended up getting married in Cabo. Take note, if you’re going to a fun destination, find a hottie, pursue it and you’ll have an excuse for a meaningful destination wedding. 

To make my point, speak up, put on a cute airport fit, and obtain the contact information. You never know what will happen. Where most people think the motive of traveling is to transport yourself from one area of the world to another, they are half correct. Yes, you will make it to your final destination, but why not take the opportunity to flirt, feel good and meet males? Use the airport experience as a networking luxury. Make eye contact with every single attractive male you see as you’re strutting your cute self to the Starbucks. Either that smile makes their day, or better yet, one conversation later and you’re blushing over your roster’s newest addition. Do yourself a favor next time you find yourself at an airport and embrace the sexual tension that I know we as horny college students love and live for.  

You’re still reading. And you’re not convinced? Well step number one that I can guarantee makes or breaks this situation is remembering to put on your confidence suit. Maybe you forgot to put it before you stepped foot into the airport, but I am here to tell you, do not panic. Take a moment, go to the bathroom, and get yourself together. Water, blush, lip gloss, deodorant, whatever it is for you – do it, put it on. Your airport crush is mutual. That is what you’re telling yourself because it’s most likely true unless he’s got a ring on his finger. 

Confidence has been acquired in whatever form you take it in. The intense stare is being reciprocated. You’re both taking turns eyeing each other from your seat. And let me guess, because this is a male we’re talking about, he is not taking any initiative to speak actual words to you. I am actually writing this article having been sitting in O’Hare Airport for the past six hours and I told myself I will not submit this article without taking part in what I am preaching. 

Here I am,  sitting 3 feet at most away from one handsome specimen of a human. I called my personal hype woman, my mother, brainstormed dumb questions I could ask him, hung up the phone and simply asked “are you on this flight?” So. Dang. Easy. You guessed it, I could feel the relief from this smoking cute boy that I initiated a conversation. Research methods point towards all positive signs. The other component to this specific situation is that he took the opportunity to take the seat open next to me. Listen, boys are scared and if you think there is potential for Mr. Hot Stuff Airport Crush and you to chat, you have to pull some of the weight. He was not about to initiate a conversation, so I took the cue from him, choosing one of the multiple open seats, so that we could have a nice hour before our flight. And we did. I scouted him, locked it in, and we sat there and talked (and flirted) until we boarded the plane. Will I ever see him again? Definitely not, but I took advantage of what was sitting next to me and had a feel-good, confidence boosting moment.

So ladies, just do it. Speak. Ask a stupid question. Or a flirty one if you’re feeling forward. Remember, you’re in an airport, the stakes are low. Either you’re going to the same destination in which case, yay for extended sexual tension and talking opportunities, or you both go your separate ways and never see this person again but feel noticed and validated in your flirt game. Go in for the kill. Pick your handsome victim. Be assertive. Lean so hard into the sexual tension. There is quite literally nothing to lose.

Elle Hall

Purdue '25

Elle (said "L") is a sophomore at Purdue University where she is studying health communications and minoring in biology and French. When she's not writing for HerCampus, she loves to surf (at home in California), hike, camp, and drink lots and lots of kombucha and matcha. Elle is also a yoga instructor at Purdue's rec center!