Yes, I'm Already Listening to Christmas Music and Here's Why

Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas. It started accidently to be honest. I was listening to an album on Spotify while I was studying one night and when the album finished, Spotify played the next song by the artist: their cover of Silent Night.  I snapped out of the flow I was in with my homework when this happened, and I was immediately transported to Christmas Eve at my house. Snow outside, decorations everywhere, pajamas, and family all around.  Finals are done and worries have melted away.  Cookies abound and laughter is unlimited on nights like tonight and in that moment, everything felt warm and fuzzy.  Fall is here and I am crazy about these months, so it is of little surprise to me that I am already excited about the chill in the air and the potential of snow.  So yes, I am occasionally listening to a Christmas song here or there and I have already found the perfect gift for my Mom.  I’m not trying to step on Halloween’s moment, I love pumpkins and crunchy leaves, but for me nothing compares to snow and the holiday season.  But I am one of those crazy people who try to get into the spirit long before December.  The happiness and peace the season brings me is what I want to capture and feel year-round.  So, I’m embracing the Christmas Spirit in the middle of exams and projects and chaos, just to bring a little more joy to this crazy time of year, and I hope you will too.  Until then, here is a meme about people like me who start our Christmas festivities earlier than most.