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Winter Workout Wear


Winter is right around the corner and as we all know here in Indiana, they get brutal. If you’re not a gym rat and prefer the pavement, the frigid temps and icy air can be even more of an impact for you. Fortunately many sporting retails know your pain and have come up with the best winter wardrobe for people like you! Check out some great picks here:


Under Armour ColdGear Compression Mock $49.99 on underarmour.com

This classic base layer is your go-to for any cold outdoor activities. It is sleek enough to not cause bulk, but has been developed with dual-layer fabric which holds in the warmth and keeps out the cold. It’s great for not only jogging, but football games and class too!


Under Armour ColdGear Tight $59.99 on underarmour.com

Another ColdGear classic by Under Armour, these tights have the same dual layer as the long sleeve above. Another take away from this great bottom piece is that it has chafe-free seaming for comfortable runs and workouts. Also, how cute are those pink accents?!


Nike Dri-FIT Wool Hoodie $90 at store.nike.com

This hoodie available in eight color combos boasts Nike’s Dry Fit technology. This feature helps keep you dry with sweat-wicking fabric while also providing ventilation.


Nike Cold Weather Reflective Knit Hat $20 on store.nike.com

Don’t forget about keeping ears warm! Much of your body heat is lost through your ears, so it’s important to keep them covered during your runs or long walks to class. This is a great find that not only has Nike’s famous Dri-FIT fabric, but also another very important feature. With few hours of sunlight during the winter hours, it can be dangerous running outside in the dark. This hat has a reflective feature which “optimizes visibility for early morning and evening workouts.”  Way to be safe and smart Nike!







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