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Winter Fashion


It’s official; winter’s come along again and with the cold weather comes the cold weather clothing.  But the necessity to stay warm in this frigid Indiana air doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forgo all sense of style.  Granted, warmth is vital.  But there’s no need to have your ensemble make you resemble the little brother in A Christmas Story. So here are five fashion staples that ever female should have this season to spice up this winter cold:

1. A Fur Vest

Add a fur (preferably faux as to avoid offending any animal rights supporters) vest to a simply outfit and you’ll instantly look more stylish.  However, avoid wearing anything too extravagant underneath or else you’ll look like you escaped from the circus.

2. A Statement Coat

When you wear a gorgeous winter pea coat it makes any outfit look classier and yourself look more polished and put together. Personably, I like pea coats in bold red or fresh looking white.

3. A Great Hat

Whether you prefer simple and classic, cute and knitted, or slouchy and trendy, a great hat pulls any outfit together. Plus, they help keep your ears warm and as every mother says, keeping your ears warm is important! I myself, lately, have been loving my fuzzy earmuffs.  They’re warm and stylish at the same time!

4. A Good Pair of Leather Boots

Regardless if they’re combat boots, equestrian, or over-the-knee, every girl needs a pair of go-to leather boots.  You can dress them up or dress them down, but either way, they’re always ideal.

5. A Chunky Sweater

Nothing looks wintertime cuter than an oversized sweater paired with skinny jeans or leggings.  Plus, they keep you toasty warm and you can afford a couple more of those Starbucks Crème Brule Lattes when you’re not wearing skintight clothing.


So bundle up these season ladies, but have fun looking cute at the same time with the help of these clothing staples your closet has been pinning for!

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