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Why Everyone Needs to Visit Chicago

When people ask me where I’m from, I’m proud to answer with “the outskirts of Chicago.” Chicago is one of the best cities in the country, and is filled with history, great restaurants, and tons of exciting things to do. The happy vibes Chicago gives off is enough to make anyone feel welcome. If you love to travel or even if you don’t, Chicago is a very special city that everyone should get to experience. With Purdue being relatively close to The Windy City, it would be a perfect weekend get-away or even a quick day trip. Here’s why I think everyone should visit Chicago at least once!

The People are Friendly

From musicians playing on the corners to the vendors on North Avenue, the people in Chicago always seem to have a genuine smile on their face. Even the tourists are friendly! It’s great to enjoy the city scene with people that are eager to help you find a certain museum or tell you where a good place to grab a bite is.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

For all my aesthetic lovers out there, this city will make you fall in love! There’s no doubt that Chicago is beautiful. The city line is something everyone should see in person. Even the buildings are engraved with beautiful art. You can the perfect Instagram-worthy shot in all corners of the city!


Now, I know Chicago doesn’t have the best football team but hey, we make up for that with the cubs (yes we still celebrate). Whether it be the United Center or Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park, the whole city lights up during game days. On game days, people line the streets like during parades. The good mood, good food, and great sports definitely make a visit to Chicago worth it.

There’s So Much To Do

When people ask me what they should do during their visit to Chicago, I always have a hard time narrowing down the numerous options. There’s just so many places to visit and cool things to try out. Chicago’s main museums are awesome and packed with cool information to learn. The Museum of Contemporary Art is definitely a treasure and tickets are around $14 which is a total steal!


 Chicago has something that can interest anyone and whether you visit in the Winter or Summer the city is absolutely breathtaking. In my opinion, the welcoming people are what separates this city from others in my opinion. I’ve been going to Chicago since I was very young and I still find new, exciting places when I’m there. It’s a city you can never get bored with. So please, take my advice and start planning a trip to Chi-Town immediately!

Hannah is a freshman at Purdue who is currently undecided but thinking about Pre-Med. She's an avid coffee and mountain lover. Her interests include photography,writing, and traveling. When she's not spending her day watching Netflix (probably Gossip Girl), you can find her exploring new places or reading. Follow her daily life on Instagram at hannah_skylar_
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