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If you don’t know who Emma Chamberlain is, she is a 20-year-old vlogger from the Bay Area turned fashion icon/influencer. Emma has a huge influence on Gen Z. She feels like your best friend and therapist all in one. I feel like most YouTubers try to make their lives seem so perfect all the time and it’s so unrealistic. Emma tells it like it is which is why I think she is so likeable. She doesn’t sugar coat things she opens up about depression and anxiety and feeling lonely. She doesn’t get caught up in the private jets and the glitz and glamour, which I appreciate.

I started watching YouTube during the Bethany Mota, Alisha Marie, LaurDIY era. The videos were over-saturated, we had the rehearsed morning routines and “How to look good after gym class videos” and I ate them all up. Back then it was like talking about money was such a taboo thing on YouTube that you never talked about. Then YouTube transformed into this platform where it was used to flaunt your wealth, you have the Jeffree Star closet tours, David Dobrik’s elaborate trips, etc. but not Emma. She just vlogs her days going to Trader Joe’s, playing the drums in her house and really being vulnerable with her audience.

She never feels fake, it never feels like she puts on this façade for the camera and her podcast is the exact same way as her YouTube videos. I feel like everyone is struggling with some mentality and it can be very isolating and leave you feeling alone but Emma shows you that you are not alone. She also shows no matter how much money you make and success you have in this world everyone still battles with insecurities and imposter syndrome. In my opinion, if anyone deserves to be famous and have a platform, it’s Emma Chamberlain.

Emani Powell

Purdue '22

Emani is currently a senior at Purdue University studying mass media communications and minoring in film and video studies with the hopes of becoming an entertainment journalist. In her free time she loves to read, bake, and binge any tv show that is currently trending.