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What is Happening to The Bachelor Franchise

I have never really been a diehard bachelor fan, but I must admit that Pilot Pete’s mess of a season completely sucked me into the drama that is Bachelor nation. Between the stolen champagne bottle and the monster that is Peter’s mother Barb I would have to rate that season a straight 10/10 on the drama scale. After that season I was completely hooked and needed more. Then came the “oldest bachelorette in the history of the show” Clare. If you watched that season Clare was a mess but in the best possible way that made reality good TV. According to Clare she found her husband the first night and left midseason with Dale and in came Tayshia Adams as her replacement. Tayshia took over as the bachelorette for the rest of the season and I was a little skeptical at first since it was dead smack in the middle of a season, and they were bringing in not only a new bachelorette but production also brought in a new group of guys. Tayshia herself, unlike Clare, was super likable and I feel like it made fans fall in love with her and her vulnerability and you really wanted her to find love.

It all went downhill after Tayshia/Clare’s season. When I found out the next season of the bachelor was going to be the first black bachelor’s in history, I was excited. Matt’s season had so much potential, but the ball was completely dropped between the obvious clout chasing between the contestants, Matt having the most boring personality and the racist past of one of the contestants (who won the final rose) that season just did not do it for me. After that came another 2 more bland seasons of the bachelorette and one season of paradise. I feel like the bachelor franchise needs to take a break. They are just throwing out season after season and each one is worse than the last. Since Chris Harrison is gone this is the perfect time for the franchise to rebrand and figure out what was the secret ingredient that made everyone want to tune in each week and go back to that.

Emani Powell

Purdue '22

Emani is currently a senior at Purdue University studying mass media communications and minoring in film and video studies with the hopes of becoming an entertainment journalist. In her free time she loves to read, bake, and binge any tv show that is currently trending.
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