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We are officially in the home stretch my fellow Swifties! We are down to a little under a week until we finally receive 1989 Taylor’s Version from Taylor Swift. As a quick refresher, Taylor Swift has been rerecording her masters so she can officially own her music. With 1989 being her fourth re-recorded album here are a couple of tips to celebrate this album release on October 27th.

  • Stream Taylor Swift

It might seem obvious (if you’re like me because she’s all that I listen to), but stream some Taylor Swift to get in the mood. I am particularly attached to 1989, so I will be listening to all of 1989 to prepare, but there are no limitations to which albums you listen to. I will most likely listen to some Reputation and Speak Now as well because it’s all good. I wish you all would listen to some T-Swift this week.

  • Watch 1989 World Tour Live, Reputation Stadium Tour and Miss Americana

So you’ve already been listening to Taylor Swift this week, and now it’s time to go to the next level and watch the Queen take the stage a few years ago. I was in elementary school when the original version of 1989 was released, and I remember fighting hundreds of others in Indianapolis calling the local radio station to try and win tickets for her 1989 World Tour. Sadly, like many others, I was unable to get tickets for the tour and then again missed out on what might be my all-time favorite, the Reputation Stadium Tour. This is why I am very grateful to watch the 1989 World Tour on YouTube, and the Reputation Stadium Tour and Miss Americana documentary on Netflix.

  • Go see The Eras Tour film

This is a very quick tip but if you are able to, go see The Eras Tour film in theaters. I was very fortunate to attend the tour in Cincinnati, and I can confirm that the 1989 section of the tour was magical. It was almost as if I was watching the “Blank Space” music video live. I would love to go see the film to relive the experience and especially to relive it before 1989 comes out.

  • Plan your 1989 party

In my opinion, this is the best way to prepare for the release of 1989 Taylor’s Version and honestly where all of my energy is being directed. My friends and I have been planning our listening party since August and there is nothing better than planning a New York and sky-blue themed party at midnight, of course. So, if you don’t see me in class on October 27th, I’m very busy, sorry.

I wish you all a happy and stylish 1989 TV release and hold on everyone, we are almost “Out of the Woods”. 

Kendell is a writer at the Her Campus Purdue University chapter. She's been a part of Purdue's Her Campus chapter since fall of 2023. Her favorite topics to write about include entertainment, the music industry and about her favorite experiences around campus. Beyond Her Campus, Kendell is a freshman at Purdue University, majoring in Communications with a minor in History and Creative Writing. Originally from Noblesville, Indiana, she grew up visiting West Lafayette and loves the student life. In her free time, Kendell enjoys listen to music especially Taylor Swift. She is also really into reading and loves to talk about her latest reads, majority of which involve romance. She loves to bake and back home is known for her banana bread muffins, coffee cake and chocolate chip cookies.