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Typical Tasty Treats for College Students

Coming to college, I didn’t expect the royal treatment when it came to food, but I didn’t really believe I’d be eating all the typical college student meals. If I’m not going to a dining court with friends, you can find me rummaging through my mini fridge. However, my eight-swipe meal plan in the dining courts won’t cut a full week. So, when people really do tell you that you’re going be eating random frozen or microwavable foods, believe them. My top three college foods are:

Pizza Rolls/ Frozen Pizza

Living in a dorm, you don’t get the chance to always make a nice, balanced meal. Therefore, probably about five times a week, you can find me making unhealthy amounts of pizza rolls in the microwave at 1 AM. Not only do you not get a kitchen, but simply, I don’t have the energy or time to put together the best meal options. My roommate and I buy at least 1 bag of 90 pepperoni pizza rolls weekly. Another great option is Totino’s frozen pizzas, which we have 3 of in our own freezer.

Ramen Noodles

Personally, I hadn’t tried ramen noodles until coming to college this year, and oh boy, I was missing out! I thought ramen noodles would be terrible because everyone says it’s what broke college students live off of. Although after trying them, I was shocked at how good it was. My personal favorite is the chicken flavored, but beef is another great alternative. Shrimp flavored doesn’t seem quite appetizing to me, but by the end of college, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve tried it.


If only keeping a variety of fruits in my mini fridge was as easy as it sounds. I’ve tried to get red raspberries or strawberries, and somehow, I find myself so busy I always forget to eat them before they go bad. Instead, I open my cabinets to find all sorts of fruit snacks, gushers to be exact. Gushers are a great grab on the go snack as I’m walking off to class. Not only do gushers remind me of packing lunches in my childhood, but they always satisfy my sweet tooth.

Abbie Gillig

Purdue '23

Abbie Gillig is a bubbly, outgoing girl from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Currently, she is attending Purdue University as a psychology major. This coffee enthusiast can be found shopping with her friends, jumping around at football games, or racing to get her homework done. She loves watching friends on Netflix, sleeping, and spotting puppies in her free time. Follow me on insta @abbie.gillig to watch my reckless life unfold!
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