Top Fall Things To Do In Indiana

Fall is definitely my favorite season and I’m guessing it’s some of yours too. The temperature finally cools down and you get to break out all your cozy sweatshirts and sweaters while you watch the leaves change. In the fall, everything is just better all around. Fall also brings around a lot of fun things to do in Indiana especially. Read on and see what events you need to be filling your weekends with!

  1. 1. Bridge Fest


    The Parke County Covered Bridge Festival is the largest festival in Indiana. This year it starts on October 11th and ends October 20th. This festival has everything! From amazing food to crafts, decorations and so much more! It is also a great place to take some cute fall pictures with your friends and family! The festival has 10 locations so take your pick and go enjoy a nice day full of all things fall!

  2. 2. Exploration Acres

    Exploration Acres has it all, and it is literally right here! They have a corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay rides, and even an xscape maze! This is a great place to go with some friends and have a ton of fun and blow off some steam. Exploration Acres is open until October 27th so you still have a couple weekends if you are wanting to go!

  3. 3. Turkey Run State Park

    Turkey Run is one of the many state parks in Indiana. It is only an hour’s drive from Purdue and is definitely worth the time. Go and enjoy a nice day hiking or walking the trails! The park is open all year but is especially pretty in fall, when all the leaves are changing. Load up a car full of your friends and go enjoy the scenery and a day out in nature!

Here is just a glimpse into three of the many reasons why fall in Indiana is definitely better than fall anywhere else! Hopefully you found something that piqued your interest and can have a fun weekend and a getaway from homework and studying!