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Three of the Best “Hidden” Resources on Purdue’s Campus

As the well-rounded collegiettes that I know we all are, we are so busy with our classes, extra curriculars, and socializing on campus that we fail to see all wonderful things Purdue has to offer us as students!

As a Purdue student, we have a large network of professionals working just to better our future, but after we graduate, we won’t have it just that easy. Take the time while you’re still a student to take advantages of these very beneficial resources that you may have overlooked:

Purdue Writing Lab

We all know that in college, professors love to assign papers. Writing is hard whether you are an excellent penman or not. It is easy to overlook the little mistakes like misplacing a comma, using the wrong tense, or getting some spelling mixed up. Or maybe you just need an idea or some structure to get your paper moving along.

Fortunately for us, Purdue offers a top-notch writing center to help students brainstorm topic ideas and tweak papers, for any type of paper it may be. All you need is your student ID and some sort of writing you would like edited, may it be just one paragraph or 10 full pages. And what’s better? Purdue Writing Lab is located at many different buildings and happens during many different hours, to cater to your busy schedule.

For Fall 2012 you can find the Writing Lab:
Heavilon Hall 226: Mondays-Thursdays at 9:00a.m-6:00p.m and Friday’s from 9:00a.m-1:00p.m
HSSE Library Study Center: Mondays 7-10:00p.m
Latino Cultural Center: Tuesdays: 6-9:00p.m
Meredith Hall: Wednesdays 7-10:00p.m

Walk-ins to the writing center are encouraged, and you can also call the writing center at 765-494-3723 to set up an appointment.

Center For Career Opportunities

Sometimes with all the fun being in college is, it’s easy to forget that our main goal after graduation is to GET A JOB. That being said, Purdue’s Center For Career Opportunities is completely focused on helping Purdue students make it to the next level after they graduate, and also to push them into a successful career that they will enjoy.

The CCO offers one-on-one counseling to students interested in figuring out what career choice to pursue, graduate school options, and guidance on searching for the perfect internship or job. My personal favorite quality of the CCO is their service of critiquing resumes. Bring the counselors in a draft of your resume and they will tell you what to add, what to take out, and how it should be formatted so it stands out among the rest.

CCO welcomes walk-ins into Stewart Center 194, and appointments can also be made by calling 765-494-3981.

Also, look out for the many events that the CCO holds. For example, the CCO invites employers from around the country to get a hold of Purdue students for internship and after-graduation employment opportunities. By using your Purdue username and password, you can log into the CCO Express to search job postings and on campus interviews already set up by future employers.

Purdue Tutoring Center

As an English major, I am not especially talented with anything related to math and numbers. Because it was part of my Liberal Arts curriculum though, I had to endure through two different math courses that really solidified my decision to get as far away from a career with numbers after graduation.

Luckily for me though, Purdue Tutoring Center saved my grade and made getting through those math classes as painless as possible.

The Purdue Tutoring Center offers many different ways to help you out when taking classes that aren’t necessarily your forte. There are a “Help Rooms” for math, where TA’s are open for questions in MATH 205. Don’t worry about the specific math class you are taking, the TA’s will help you with any question you have, or at least find someone who knows how to answer it.

For foreign languages, “Coffee and Tea Conversations Hours” are held, where you can practice your conversational skills in your particular language.

There are many more options available through the Purdue Tutoring Center, including names of Purdue students willing to tutor individuals or groups in a variety of subjects, and also Resource Rooms for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Visit: http://www.purdue.edu/advisors/resources/academic/tutors.html to see all the ways Purdue has set up for you that gives you no excuse for getting a failing grade.

These are just three of the MANY resources Purdue has to offer. Keep your ears open and ask around for other advantages Purdue has set up for its students, because if there is a student need for it, Purdue most likely has already got it covered. Don’t wait until you are no longer a student to take advantage of the wide spread options Purdue has for you to succeed!

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