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Original photo by Mary Rufo

Scent in September

It’s Mid-September.

The cluster of trees behind houses are still exposing some green under the blue clear sky;
leaves on the trees are still hanging but changing into orange, partially and peacefully.
The entire view is just like blending into a yellowish filter that signaled autumn is here.
When the evening sunlight shone through the trunks, radically, it turned the landscape
into orange, not too shiny but just right. This moment will pause you from rushing home
but to stay in the midst of the road, to taste, and to scent. Scenting the freshness of fall
season, you will wish you were able to bring such scent home.

Personally, I will light a scented candle when I get back to my apartment room. Not only
wanting to create a unique scent to make my room feel like home, but more, it is to calm
myself down through smelling a certain scent. I am a seasonal person; I usually change
my scented candle from Summer Watermelon to Autumn Woods when fall comes, so that
the inner part of my accommodation would smell the same as the outdoors. I got the
Autumn Woods scented candle from Bath & Body Works. It has a dark green package
printed with a golden sketched leaves design. It doesn’t look fancy, but clean and simple,
same as its scent: smelling exactly like the woods in nature. Light, dry, and earthy.
Sooner it has lightened up 10 to 15 minutes later, the scent would have spilled to the
entire room. The scent of woods would have captured the corner of the space. Adding a
cup of water next to the stack of assignments brought from school earlier, you feel like
you are ready to start working. Meanwhile, you won’t feel stressed because you are
standing in the middle of “nature”.

Although the scented candle is artificial and hard to compare with the natural smell found on
the way home, it calms me from feeling complicated and messy. It is an essential tool to
prepare me to get into the state of concentration in a hectic academic life.

Do you have a special scent you really enjoy smelling? Will that scent remind you of
something in life or make you feel comfortable? What kind of scented candle do you like
using? Could you interpret it into some feelings?

Finally, September is short, like autumn, like candles, like scent. You could taste it but could
not tightly store it. The early September had passed but it had helped you to slow down
from the energetic pace of summer. The mid one is here and it has provided you the shade
of summer and some sort of preparedness. Then, I guess the late one would give you a
breeze that could help you travel the gap between skin and clothes and which would keep
you awake and keep on challenging you in the following cold.

Hello, this is Noel! I am from Hong Kong. I am a senior here at Purdue, studying Communication and Political Science. With having strong curiosity, I like trying different things that could explain life and tell stories. I am also fascinated with photography. Landscape, portraiture, fashion, sports, architectural, journalistic, abstract, and candid photos are my specializations. I hope I could integrate art, design concepts in my works, and successfully connect you in my illustration one day!
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