Rolled What?

A couple weeks ago, a new ice cream/boba (bubble tea)/ dessert place called Miss Sugar Dessert opened up and I couldn’t be more obsessed. Coming from a bigger city which has multiple rolled ice cream places, I was excited for rolled ice cream to come to middle of nowhere West Lafayette, Indiana. Rolled ice cream is also known as fried ice or Thai ice cream and it’s basically like watching your ice cream being made in front of you. 

            It’s somewhat similar to Cold Stone where you can choose what mix-ins you want and they chop it up and add it in. The ice cream is generally made from a liquid mixture of milk, cream, and sugar which is poured out onto a super cold surface that is normally in a circular shape and then continuously scraped and mixed until air and the mix-ins have been incorporated. It is then smoothed out and the workers “roll” the ice cream into little cylinders that they place into a bowl. It sounds weird, but it’s so good!!

There’s three steps when you create your own at Miss Sugar. The first step is choosing the ice cream flavor; my favorite is the tiramisu.  Then you pick three toppings (mix-ins), I normally go for whipped cream, a butter cookie (it’s normally a Biscoff cookie, which are amazing), and chocolate chips. The last step is picking a drizzle; as a chocoholic, I have to pick chocolate syrup.

            Miss Sugar Dessert also has a bunch of teas that are really cool. I have tried the rose milk tea and I really liked it. They also have colorful drinks called the Special Series, which looks so cool. You can also add toppings to any drink. Along with teas and ice cream, they also have a variety of macaroons and cake. If you haven’t already I would check out Miss Sugar, it’s within walking distance from campus at Chauncey. Also the rolled ice cream is big enough for two people to share if you don’t want your own. 


*Last photo taken from MissSugarDessert Instagram