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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

There is an ironic meme posted on Instagram recently that has made me pause my busy life and
look back a little bit. The image contains two pictures. The picture on the top is a Nokia 3310
phone model while the bottom one is an iPhone generation 1 model. The caption noted that the
Nokia phone was the model we always think to be released around 10 years ago, but the fact that
the Generation 1 iPhone is the actual phone model that became prominent 10 years ago. We seem
to still think the Nokia 3310 model was from 10 years ago, but that’s not the case. The image not
only picks on our strange, but intrinsic, perception of what a decade or what old-fashion looks
like, but what’s more is to imply that time flies.

Indeed, time flies.

I know it is cheesy to say so, yet the more we grow up, the more we think time passes like a ray
and it is insufficient. In highschool, we learned that time passed quickly when graduation
happened. And in college, we find time goes even quicker – every hour can’t wait for the next.
We usually find this feeling in hectic weeks when loads of work are packing us, but interestingly,
in retrospect, when we see a lot has been achieved and it contributes for our near future, we then
think it is still worth doing.

However, time has stolen a lot of our youth, purity, and the simple happiness that we used to
enjoy. Think wisely, we are losing both time and the pure white space that was supposed to be
dominant in our canvas of life at the same time…

Perhaps, it is sad to hear that things in life are lost when you read this. Meanwhile, it is a truth
that we human beings have to keep on learning and acknowledging in life. Time, certainly, will
never come back, but what could be done to save the purity we used to obtain is to treasure
NOW. The present is the youth of our future. No matter how complex the color that our canvas
has been painted, how much pressure arises or obligations turn up, we should keep on trying the
best to do what we ought to do, take good care of ourselves, and love one another. I am sure we
will understand what actual purity looks like after 10 years, or more.

I would like to encourage anyone through this medium who is experiencing the struggles with
life, with the present or with the past, I wish you could overcome the obstacles with time. Time
will be flying, as usual, but spill your answers with a full stunning picture that you might make
an Instagram meme for in the near future.

Noel is a senior majoring in Communication and Political Science at Purdue University. She has a strong curiosity about every subject matter that could explain life and tell stories. Currently, she is a social media coordinator at the HC chapter. When she is not creating content, Noel can be found photographing, cooking, reading, and traveling. Her biggest wish before graduation is to integrate art, daily life, and you into her illustrations.