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Organize and Manage Student Life in College

College can be hard to adjust to and even harder to keep everything in order when you are doing it all on your own. Since coming to college, I have discovered organization hacks that have helped survive the crazy number of deadlines you have to meet and tests to study for. I have always been a pretty organized student, so I want to help all other college students/students in general learn how to stay organized and on top of school.


A planner will be your new best friend! I have a planner that is monthly and weekly, so I am able to write down larger events/things going on in the monthly layout and then specify exactly what I need to do each day. Having a planner will help you plan your days and fit in everything you need to while making sure you don’t forget about any upcoming events. I also really like the style I got from TJMaxx because it has fun stickers at the front that you can incorporate into your calendar. For example, there are dentist stickers, hair appointment, girl’s night, time to clean, road trip, and so many more that way you can liven up your planner and make planning a little more colorful!

To Do Check List

 Having a daily to-do checklist is important when laying out homework deadlines, studying, etc. I like to write a weekly checklist with everything I have to get done throughout the week with deadlines written next to them. This helps me know when everything needs to be done and assess when I should do the different assignments. Sometimes I will also include other things I have to do such as taking a package to the post office, filling out applications, picking up groceries, etc.

Write out your day

While it may seem like a waste to write out your agenda for the day, this can often be very helpful to help you see how your day will look and where you can fit in other things. This helps me see when I can fit in a workout or some relaxing time to watch a show or take a nap.

These few organization hacks keep me caught up and ready to go for the next day. I strongly encourage anyone to try these few hacks if you have trouble getting everything done on time. Give it a try and see what you think!

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