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Meet Your Future Doctor: Claire Wilson

Chicago native Claire Wilson is a hardworking and inspiring Junior who is pursuing a degree in Health Sciences Pre Professional and minors in Spanish and Biology. In what little free time Claire had, we had the opportunity to interview her.

HC Purdue: What will you do with this degree?

Claire: With a degree in Health Sciences I want to go to medical school and be a physician.

HC Purdue: What made you choose to become a physician?

Claire: My family has a history in health care with my mom working on the administration side and my aunt being a cardiology nurse for over 30 years. My grandpa also was a huge inspiration to me after seeing him and my whole family care for my grandmother after she had a devastating stroke. Seeing the love and compassion they had for her motivated me to become a doctor because I want to be there for someone else. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. Also after seeing my grandfather pass away and how the physician dealt with it, I want to do a better job. I want to be someone a patient can lean on and sympathize with! 

HC Purdue: How are you preparing for your MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)?

Claire: I took a class and created a study schedule that I stuck to religiously. I also love flash cards and found tutoring two students in chemistry has helped myself.

HC Purdue: What campus activities are you involved in?

Claire: I am the treasurer for the American Medical Student Association, in Phi Mu, volunteer at West Minister Village, and recently I was chosen to be a Gamma Chi for the Panhellenic Association.

HC Purdue: What is your most memorable moment at Purdue?

Claire: Oh my, that a hard one to answer! One of the many memorable moments I have had was last year when the weather was warm before final exams. Being outside with friends, being able to do a fountain run and get den pops, that was one of my favorite days and some of the best memories are just being able to enjoy campus and Purdue with friends.

HC Purdue: Do you have any tips for anyone who also wants to pursue a medical degree?

Claire: Yes, hard work pays off. Never lose sight of the end goal which is becoming a successful doctor able to help others! People may put you down along the way, but never stop believing in yourself. Utilize all resources you have and if it is meant to be, it will happen!

Rachael Lowe was born in northern Indiana (the Region) and was raised knowing she would be attending Purdue. As a third generation Boilermaker she is majoring in Agricultural Economics and minoring in Communications. Her passions are traveling, wine, and puppies. In her free time she likes to craft, paint, have a nice glass of moscato, watch movies with friends, and bake. When Rachael graduates in May of 2018 she plans on having as much fun as she did in college. Follow her on Instagram @rachael03
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