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Let’s Build the ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel some sort of way about charcuterie boards! They’re basically classy and luxurious adult lunchables. Pair it with a nice wine or bubbly beverage, then there you have it **chef’s kisses**.

Always and forever, we need to abide by the charcuterie golden method (created by @ThatCheesePlate): Cheese, Meat, Produce, Crunch, Dip and Garnish! Here is what I would use to build my board:

1. Cheese: brie and mozzarella

To make her extra cute for Valentine’s, cut out a big heart inside the Brie, leaving a “heart-shaped, cookie cutter” look. Then fill in the heart with raspberries! For the mozzarella, cut them into little hearts.

2. meat: salami

3. produce: raspberries, blueberries, chocolate covered strawberries

4. crunch: water crackers, yogurt pretzels, macarons, m&Ms Valentine’s day milk chocolate, sliced baguette

5. dip: strawberry jam, balsamic vinegar & olive oil mixed with salt and pepper

6. garnish: dried rose petals

Enjoy this holiday and perfect board with your loved ones!

Sharon is pursuing an undergraduate degree in PR & Strategic Communications at Purdue University. She is a Tennessee girl at heart, has a passion for fashion and to create. Truly a gal on the go. Find her on Instagram: @sharonjin_
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