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Keep That Date (With the Gym!)

With the chilly weather rolling in, it’s often a struggle to make it to the gym when your bed is so cozy and you’re surrounded by Halloween candy already. Sliding on those Nikes and finding the drive to go for a run or make it to the co-rec won’t come easy in these upcoming months, so here are some tips to help that motivation come either!

Bring a buddy. By committing to go with your best friend or a sorority sister, you can hold each other accountable to actually make it there. Plus, it’s always more fun to do something with a friend! I mean who else are you going to check out the cute guy on the treadmill with?

Make a fitness dollar jar. Every time you work out, put a dollar in your jar. In no time you’ll have some extra money to buy those cute new Norts (what I affectionately call Nike shorts) or that perfect blous you’ve been eyeing for a night at Harry’s!

Spruce up your workout wardrobe. I bought the cutest pink Nike Free Running shoes and couldn’t wait to wear them! They instantly made me want to go show them off at the T-REC. My motto for both school and working out is “look good, feel good” so pack up those old, baggy high school tees and opt for some new gear!

Make a motivational wall.
Put that Pinterest account to good use! There are so many amazing motivational quotes and stories in the “Health & Fitness” section. Print your favorites off and hang them around your room for that extra kick when you’re feeling in a rut.

Schedule your workouts. Whether you use our Purdue Mortarboard or an adorable Lilly Pulitzer planner (my favorite) write your workouts in your agenda just like you would class times or meetings. By figuring out when you have time each week to hit up the gym, you can study and meet up with friends around those specified times. Treat your workout like you would any other commitment and you’ll be much less likely to skip.

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