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Last weekend, I went with my friends to go see the new, up-and-coming Joker movie. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my movies to have some source of hope and a happy ending. So, if you do too, this is not the movie for you. I left the theater feeling dejected and anxious by the end, wanting to go crawl in my bed. I will admit the movie was very well made, when it comes to special effects and realism, but the morality in the movie was so twisted.The ending left the audience with a scene of the world burning up in chaos. Over the course of the movie, you experience extremely graphic scenes of violence. All the people chanted around the joker as he bled out, praising him for his murderous actions. Just seeing this scene made me think of how true this representation of society really is. First, the fact that I know so many people who went to see this movie and loved it worries me.

People shouldn’t enjoy watching these corrupt actions as much as they do. Today, we are exposed to violence and apathy earlier and earlier in our lives. Children are growing up watching shows including blood and sociopaths. When I was younger, I watched lots of Scooby Doo and Disney movies, exposing me to interesting plots but not hindering qualities. Children should be able to grow up in a world where they feel safe under their own roof, rather than paranoid in their own beds. Movies that twist their happy cartoons like Batman into a lifelike murder movie of Joker shouldn’t be exposed to them.


Therefore, for all those planning to go see Joker, go in the right mindset and expect to wish more for our society than it portrays.


Abbie Gillig

Purdue '23

Abbie Gillig is a bubbly, outgoing girl from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Currently, she is attending Purdue University as a psychology major. This coffee enthusiast can be found shopping with her friends, jumping around at football games, or racing to get her homework done. She loves watching friends on Netflix, sleeping, and spotting puppies in her free time. Follow me on insta @abbie.gillig to watch my reckless life unfold!
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