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Impress Your Mom with These 4 Stocking Stuffers from Amazon

With Christmas only 2 weeks away I thought it would be appropriate to give you all some helpful hints and ideas for the best stocking stuffers for mom. In my family, my dad tends to get all my mom’s stocking stuffers, but I will be sharing these same ideas because I think all moms will love them! All the stocking stuffers I am link are all from Amazon which is such an easy site to order off with free 2-day shipping and all the goodies you’re needing.

To start off, this portable charge is a steal for only $15.99 and comes in three different colors of gold black and pink. Moms are always on the go and need to be able to be reached, so gifting her a portable charger is a very useable gift that she can carry around with her everywhere she goes.


I know in my family we are constantly on the go, so I thought a letter board would be the perfect gift for all the moms out there that are constantly running around. These letter boards are perfect for fun sayings, motivation quotes, and especially family to-do lists or events going on that day. These can be personalized for any occasion and are a nice addition to any kitchen, laundry room, or calendar area that your family utilizes for schedules. The board I am linking also comes in about 20 different colors, so you can pick and choose which design fits the best for your family. This letter board is included with prime and is $21.97.


This next stocking stuffer has already been a hit with my family. Silicone wine glasses are a great alternative to glass wine glasses especially for summer-time and any outdoor occasions. These are durable and safe to have around the house if you have younger siblings who could get into the glassware and break dishes. My mom uses these a lot when she is relaxing on the patio. The set I am linking comes with 4 glasses and is $21.97 with free prime 2-day shipping!

Finally, you can never go wrong with chocolates. Godiva offers assorted chocolate boxes for all chocolate lovers. They come in a variety of different piece amounts, but the one I am linking is to a 19-count chocolate box for $26.84 with free one-day shipping! My mom has a sweet tooth so this is the perfect stocking stuffer that is not too expensive but will fulfill her sweet tooth on Christmas morning. These four stocking stuffer ideas will surely impress your mom for the holidays!

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