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Spring has officially sprung. With the weather finally warming up and events like Lollapalooza and the Met Gala on the horizon, the question of what to wear this spring, as summer is fast approaching, is a hot topic. You may have noticed the uprise of the coquette aesthetic during the winter months, with fashion staples like the pink Ugg’s and bows on earmuffs going viral. The aesthetic is totally here to stay this spring. So, if you’re unfamiliar with how to embrace your inner coquette and girly girl this spring… Here are five ways to do just that! 

Bows, bows, and more bows 

Ever since the trend started, this fashion staple has been everywhere. I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t see a bow when scrolling through Pinterest or in celebrity fashion. Their popularity even shows through Purdue’s own campus fashion. From bows on headphones, earmuffs, backpack pins, jean loops, and more, it’s official: Bows are here to stay this spring. 

If you’re looking for a way to embrace the coquette aesthetic, adding a bow to your hair or on a piece of clothing is by far the easiest and most effective way. And you’ll look good while doing it! 


It wouldn’t be spring without floral dresses and tops coming back in style for the season. Not only are florals a must-have for spring wear, but they embody the coquette aesthetic’s girliness. You can find a floral top almost anywhere during this time. From Walmart to H&M to Cider, a simple floral pattern will be available pretty much everywhere. And what a perfect way to embrace the season. 

Frills and Lace 

This one is more on the optional side. There’s no denying that the texture of clothing makes a difference in the aesthetic. Frills and lace, being a more delicate fabric, intensify the appearance of the overall look of an outfit. Perhaps you’ve seen the frilly pajama shorts with ruffles while scrolling through Pinterest or on influencers at Coachella. Not to mention, a tank top with a lace hem is not only perfect for the warmer weather this spring but so cute! 


Pearls are a great accessory for any outfit. And you can’t delve too deep into the coquette aesthetic without noticing the jewelry mostly consisting of pearls. You can even add them to your next set of nails, which is so chic. 


Pastels have always been popular during spring, with the colors popping up once Easter rolls around. They’re also perfect if you want to embrace a different color palette. Baby blues, lavender, lemon, and whites are the perfect shades to compliment your outfit this season. And, not to mention, the most important color of all, pink. Pink is basically the whole aesthetic wrapped up into a color. So, if you haven’t yet, adding one of these colors to your wardrobe will certify you as a coquette it-girl. 

Whether you just watched Priscilla and want a whole new wardrobe (guilty), have a newfound obsession with Lana Del Rey, or simply want to hop on the trend, these five fashion staples are the perfect guide to embracing your inner girly girl this spring. 

Aleyce Green

Purdue '26

Aleyce Green is a sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in Creative Writing and Communication. This is her first year writing for hercampus and she is looking forward to more! She likes to write about anything and everything, however, she leans more towards writing about lifestyle and entertainment such as topics related to manifestation, academics, movies (specifically chickflics and romcoms), and beauty. She hopes to get more into fashion so she can write about that too! This is her first time having her writing published. She also hopes to have some of her fiction published one day as well since she is a creative writing major. Branching more into the world of journalism would also be ideal. When she isn't writing for hercampus, you can find her snuggled up in her dorm room reading a book or binging a tv series. Her latest binge being 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' and 'The Fall of the House of Usher'. Her hobbies include fencing, writing, and spending time with her friends and family.