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How-To: Make (Cute) High-Waisted Shorts from Goodwill

High-waisted shorts are everywhere this spring.  Save your wallet from despair and make your own!
Find a pair of shorts at Goodwill or any thrift store.  Don’t let the dorkiness fool you, the best ones are super goofy looking on the rack! Make sure you try them on at Goodwill before you buy them.  You can fix the length, but you can’t fix any poofiness near the hips or belly!  Levi’s and Lee’s usually turn out to be the best shape.

Put the shorts on and draw a line with chalk to the length you want. Always cut them a little longer than you think will work: it’s easier to cut more off later on.  Make them just a bit shorter on the sides for a flattering shape!

Glide an Exacto knife along where you want your rips.  Don’t worry if they don’t look natural, once you wash your jeans the frays will come out!

If you’re feeling quirky, add some color!  Buy Rit dye at Wal-mart, or for more colors check out Hobby Lobby.  The color shows up better on lighter colored jeans.  Follow the directions on the package.  To get the most out of your dye, grab some friends and dye a bunch of shorts together!

Meet Goodwill shopping pros, Kayla Templin and Alyssa Brown.
Voila! Tuck in a cute tank top, add a belt, and you have the newest spring trend.

Photo Credit: Becca Courtney

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