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Living in Florida, it doesn’t really feel like the fall time when I step outside. While I can’t control the weather outside, one thing I can control is making my bedroom, the place in which I spend the most time, seem more in the fall spirit with these tips!

Scented Candles

For me, the fall is best represented with the different scents you can experience around this time. Whether this is pumpkin spice, cinnamon, or any other scents that embody the fall time to you. Personally, my favorite scents are anything baking or food related! My favorite candle scent is this apple orchard scented one I have, which I got from Ross. Check out your local Ross, TJMaxx or Home Goods for really cute and affordable candles!

Color Scheme

Another way to make your space seem in the fall spirit is with the colors you use to decorate! Whether this is adding an orange pumpkin to your room, or maybe another warm-toned knit blanket to your bed. Colors have the ability to change the way a room feels right away. Try to stray away from cooler tones like blues and greens. Colors I recommend using include muted oranges, greens, browns, and reds. These colors have the tendency of making your space feel warmer and that’s what we want in the fall time!


Adding mood lighting to your room is another great way to bring out the coziness of the fall time. I’m a big fan of using LED strip lights, Himalayan salt lamps, and fairy lights to make the mood of my room change. Sometimes all it takes is you turning off the overhead lights of your room, and using a secondary, dimmer light source to bring out the coziness we all know and love. Great affordable lighting options can be found on Amazon, Walmart.com or sometimes even at your local Five and Below!

No matter where you live, in a warm climate area or a colder area, I hope you can still bring the stereotypical fall spirit to your space that we all seem to know and love! Happy decorating!

Hi! I'm currently a Senior at Purdue University studying Computer Engineering. In my free time, I make youtube videos, embroider, play piano and make lots of DIY projects!
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