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Get To Know Purdue’s Up and Coming YouTuber…Jamie Gerringer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

Jamie is hands down one of the most outgoing and bubbly people that I have met. Over the last several months, Jamie has been YouTubing all over Purdue and has collected a following who loves watching her down to earth and completely real and relatable videos!


Let’s get to know my girl, Jamie!


Her Campus: What is your major at Purdue?


Jamie: I am a nursing student! I love my major and although it is a lot of hard work, I am looking forward to the pay off in just a few short years of being to help people.


Her Campus: Tough major! Also has nothing to do with YouTubing (LOL). What made you pick Purdue?


Jamie: I picked Purdue because they have a really strong nursing program that is direct admit. Also, I wanted to attend a Big Ten school that was a little bit far away from home, so Purdue was the perfect fit for me.


Her Campus: That’s awesome that you found a school that truly fits you! So especially since you are a nursing major, what made you start YouTubing?  

Jamie: YouTube is my outlet. I started my YouTube Channel to have fun. It is a great hobby for me. My friends love to be in my videos, and I love making them. It is my way of escaping the hard school work and doing something I enjoy!

Her Campus: Well, that is definitely why your videos are so awesome! Who are your favorite YouTubers? And do they inspire you?

Jamie: My favorite YouTubers are two totally different people. Jeffree Star and Lauren Giraldo are my favorite YouTubers and they both truly inspire me. Jeffree Star is a beauty guru and he really pushes me to aim for success and not give up, especially considering how successful he is in the beauty and YouTube scene. Lauren is also my favorite and my inspiration. I got to meet Lauren over the summer which was so surreal. I like to think my vlogs are really like hers; of just every day, regular life. It was wild to me because I started by watching Lauren on Vine and I felt kind of like I knew her before I even met her because I watch her videos. I really got to watch her transform from being on Vine to being famous and she was so down to earth and cool to hang out with. Meeting her and talking to her about starting my YouTubing career really inspired me to take the chance and start vlogging.

Her Campus: Wow! That is so cool you got to meet your inspiration. Do you plan on continuing your YouTube career in the future?

Jamie: Yes! It is such a healthy outlet for me to have. I would also like to live in LA one day and continue pursuing it around my nursing career. Living in LA is my dream and I think it would help my YouTube career to really take off. If I can be successful with YouTube, I would even do that full time. It is truly one of my passions.

Her Campus: Thank you, Jamie. How do YouTubers end all their videos?

Jamie: Subscribe and like! The link is down below!


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