Get to Know the Exec Board Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Danielle Wilkinson

The executive board of Purdue University's Her Campus Chapter is comprised of some of the most talented girls on campus. On the team is Danielle Wilkinson, the co-founder and editor-in-chief. Under her guidance, the writers are encouraged to produce relatable and relevant content for the Purdue student body. Danielle brings her enthusiasm and dedication to Her Campus to every meeting, and we were excited to interview her this week. 

HC Purdue: What year of school are you in, and what are you studying here at Purdue?

I’m a junior studying mass communication with a certificate in entrepreneurship

HC Purdue: What made you decide to get involved in Her Campus?

I’ve known about Her Campus since junior or senior year of high school. I found it back when I wanted to join a sorority and was reading tons of articles on sorority rush preparation. It wasn’t long before I was completely hooked on the website. The articles were fresh and fun, the gifs were on point, the content was completely relatable and it was created by girls my age! I couldn’t believe it. As an aspiring journalist, I knew I had to be a part of it. I was sad when I learned that Purdue no longer had an active Her Campus chapter, but it got me thinking that I could start one myself. But of course I had so many fears because I was such an inexperienced writer at the time, I had no idea how to start a club or how to be a leader and the thought of speaking in front of people to promote the club made me want to die. Honestly, speaking at club meetings still scare me. But after meeting Rachael sophomore year and seeing how excited she was to possibly start a Purdue chapter, I realized that Her Campus was bigger than me, Her Campus was never just about me. Her Campus is for every girl wanting to build strong friendships, gain better writing skills, leave their mark at Purdue and express themselves through their writing. And who would I be to let fear prevent that? 

HC Purdue: What is your favorite thing about being Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Purdue?

Definitely reading the girls’ writing. I’m so proud of them and amazed by the quality of the articles they write. It’s also a great way to get to know all of them on a deeper level. I can understand their past their goals, their fears and what’s important to them just through their writing. I truly look forward to it each week.

HC Purdue: Do you have a favorite article that you’ve written so far?

“5 Things all straightforward girls know to be true” just because I had it in my mind for a long time and people who know me would definitely say that’s the kind of person I am. It was really fun to write.

HC Purdue: Are you involved elsewhere on campus?

I was the president of Association for Women in Communication last semester and I try to stay involved with my church, Campus House. Though, that didn’t happen as frequently as I would have liked last semester.

HC Purdue: What do you like to do when you’re not working on schoolwork?

MOVIES! I love going to the movies, I love huddling on the couch with friends and watching movies in my dorm or binge watching TV shows. My roommates and I got so hooked on Stranger Things last semester, it’s amazing. I also watch way too much YouTube. And I love writing creatively when I’m not distracted by everything previously mentioned.

HC Purdue: You’re currently studying abroad in London. What is the biggest difference between the U.S. and England that you’ve discovered so far?

Yes I am! Aside from there being no set sidewalk walking rules (seriously, people will just walk into you) I’m surprised by the chill environment of the workplace here. I’m interning in London as well as taking classes and I basically wear the same clothes to work as I do to class. Before my first day, the CEO asked me to wear whatever I felt comfortable in. He even wears sneakers to work on occasion. There seems to be no real hierarchy in the office either. The CEO asked all of the employees one day if we wanted coffee or tea and then proceeded to make drinks for the entire office. I was so shocked that he wasn’t asking someone else to do that for him. It’s really cool to be in a work environment like that.

HC Purdue: What are some of the things you hope to do before you leave London?

I really want to visit some filming locations in England. I already have tickets to see Highclere Castle which is where Downton Abbey was filmed and I plan to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I’m also going to check out Notting Hill because that was such a great movie and the house where Hugh Grant’s character lived is located there along with the famous Portobello Market. The school I’m attending is incredible and got us tickets to see The Lion King at a theater and the England V. Lithuania World Cup game so I’m beyond psyched for those. 

HC Purdue: What would be your dream job after you graduate?

I’m still trying to figure that out but I would really love to do something for a film company. If I could help with marketing/PR/promotion of a film that would be incredible. But doing marketing in general for a company that I love and want to support would be amazing also.