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It can be so overwhelming figuring out which hair products you really need, deciding what you should splurge or save on, and just creating an effective hair care routine catered for your hair type and hair goals. There is a product for literally everything, which can be super confusing. I have listed every product that you should be incorporating into your routine and product recommendations. 

Clarifying Shampoo 

Everyone needs to have a clarifying shampoo in their haircare routine. This is a product that can be used about once a week or once every two weeks. It clarifies the scalp, removes product buildup, and promotes healthy hair growth. Who doesn’t want that? My two personal favorites are the Ouai Detox Shampoo ($32) and the Briogeo Scalp Revival ($42).  

Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner 

This one may seem obvious, but a good gentle shampoo and conditioner can go a long way. There are so many different theories about how much you should be washing your hair, but if you are using a gentle shampoo, it won’t damage your hair. My personal favorites are the Kristin Ess Signature Shampoo and Conditioner ($11 each) or the Monday Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner ($7.49 each). This is something that you really don’t need to splurge on. The drugstore is full of high quality shampoos and conditioners. 

Hair Oil 

Hair oil is definitely slept on. This is a crucial step to achieving silky smooth ends. After you have cleaned your hair it is very important to seal your ends with an oil to prevent split ends or breakage. Hair oil is also great to use after styling to help brush out the blowout or curls. My favorites are the Ouai Hair Oil ($30), Moroccanoil Treatment Original ($48), and the OGX Renewing Argan Oil ($10.69). I have had the same bottle of hair oil for around a year now and it’s still going strong, so this is a product that might be worth a little splurge. 

Heat Protectant 

I truly cannot stress the importance of heat protectant enough. If you don’t want any heat damage (who does?) this is so incredibly important. Heat protectant can be found in so many products so there is really no excuse to not incorporate this step into your routine. There are so many forms of heat protectant. It can be in your leave-in conditioner, a pre-blowout spray, in your hair oil, or it’s own aerosol spray. I absolutely love the Moroccanoil All in One Leave-In Conditioner ($30) because it smells heavenly, the Not Your Mother’s Beat the Heat Styling spray ($6.99), and the Redken One United All-In-One Leave-In Conditioner ($28).  


Hairspray and gel are important if you want your styling to last. Hairspray can also provide additional volume for that big hair look. I love my Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray ($26) because again, the smell is incredible. But, if you want something that will give you that extra volume, I love the Big Sexy Hair Spray Play Volumizing Hairspray ($16.99). Now, if you are a fan of the slick-back look, you need a gel. This is 100% a product that you should go to the drugstore for. The absolute best gel in the world is the Eco Style Gel Olive Oil Styling Gel ($5). This tub will last you a lifetime, and will hold all of your stubborn flyaways down. 

Dry Shampoo 

Last but certainly not least, you will need a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is something that will elongate your style, remove excess oil, and provide volume. After trying an embarrassing amount of dry shampoos, I have finally found my holy grail. The Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo Powder ($14.99) provides so much volume and blends into the hair so nicely. I love the powder formula. I also love the IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo ($32) because it smells fabulous and gives the hair such a nice lift.  

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