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Enneagram Number 9 – The Peacemaker

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

Recently I took the enneagram test for the first time. I know… I know… I am late to the trend,
but I found it pretty compelling and interesting to see who I share a personality with and
what I value most, plus what my weaknesses are. I had to take this test for an internship I
was a part of so my manager and coworkers could understand me and my work ethic
better. As well as how to explain different tactics to me and certain projects I should be
assigned. It’s not rare for employers to have their employees take this enneagram test or
other personality tests. It helps them get a better understanding of who they are and what
their level of work ethic is capable of. With all this being said, I did some research on
why my enneagram number was, number 9 … the peacemaker, to see what my strengths
and weaknesses are as well as what this number is all about.

What is enneagram number 9?

In short, 9s are known as peacemakers. They are said to be trusting, accepting, and stable.
Individuals who possess this number are creative and optimistic but can also go too far
with others to keep peace.They wish for smooth transitions and zero conflict. These kinds
of people are good at fixing issues and bringing people together.

What are number 9’s strengths?

9s have motivation for creating harmony within the physical world and avoiding conflict at
all cost. They are also very supportive of their loved ones and always cheer them on
through their conflicts. They know how to simplify problems and minimize anything that
is remotely upsetting. Nines are also known to be genuinely nice people seeing the good
in everyone before making any assumptions. However, it isn’t always sunshine and
rainbows for nines… they have their flaws too.

What are number 9’s weaknesses?

Sometimes 9s experience overeating or under-eating due to little self-awareness and not
letting out their emotions in public. They also seem to be slothful making them lack
physical activity. Their biggest fear is loss and separation. Thus, this is why they
experience so much separation anxiety. They also can experience much burnout from
trying to resolve conflicts so much making them numb and personalized. They seem to be
people-pleasers which is a big downfall because they focus too much on making sure
others like them and not loving themselves.

It’s important to note that, just like zodiacs, this does not mean that it has to form your entire
personality. You know yourself best, not some personality test on the internet. These can
be good gauges on how you work and get along with others though. It’s pretty interesting
to see what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to work life and getting to
know yourself better. My favorite part of these tests is that it also tells you different
celebrities that also have your number. Some celebrities that are 9s are many political
leaders like Obama and Lincoln.

Ava Smith

Purdue '23

Hello! My name is Ava Smith. I am a junior studying Advertising and Film Studies. I am from a suburb of Chicago called St. Charles and enjoy all the wonderful parks it has to offer. My hobbies consist of writing, filmmaking, and spontaneous adventures with friends. Currently, I am the Multimedia Manager for Boiler Communication and Social Media Moguel at the Hub on State Street. This is my second year being involved in Her Campus and I am so excited about all the new memories and opportunities I will make this year and for years to come!