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Date Ideas for You and Your Friends on Valentine’s Day

Sex, relationships, dating, love… these are all things associated with February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day does not have to always be spent with your significant other, it can be celebrated with friends too.

Personally, I think that the best Valentine’s are those spent with friends. Groups can be larger and you don’t have to worry about a date. There are also a ton of activities you can participate in during this day of love with your friend group.

Here is my list of date ideas for you and your friends on Valentine’s Day…

1. wine night

This is for the group who is 21+, a wine night is always a classic around this holiday. Each of your friends are meant to bring a bottle of wine each to be sampled by the group. Of course, a charcuterie board is a must! And to add that touch of Valentine’s day, instead of bringing cheese for your board, spice things up and everyone brings a different kind/brand of chocolate. You can all gather in casual (which I recommend) or dress attire. Wine nights are meant to be a time of relaxation and catching up with your friends.

2. spa trip

Another fun idea to consider is booking a spa day for you and your crew. Whether it be getting your nails done, a massage, a facial, or all of the above… you can’t go wrong with a spa trip.

Anyone of any age group is able to participate in this activity making it perfect for the whole gang. Just make sure to book your trip in advance ;).

3. game night

A classic game night. Some games I recommend are First and Last, Buzzed, For the Girls, and Cards Against Humanity. This is a low to no cost event. People can bring games from home or go out and invest in a new one.

4. brunch

Yet another classic, brunch. Brunch can be enjoyed at home or at your favorite breakfast spot. If you live in a warmer state, brunch can even be turned into a picnic. Mimosas are a go to for this event (if you are of age of course). Brunch is also a great time to get those fun Instagram food posts :).

5. pottery painting

One that I have not seen many groups do, but should, is pottery painting. This has always been one of my favorite activities to do with friends. You can all choose one piece to paint together or paint your own. If you choose to paint together I recommend signing it at the end of the process to remind you all of your fun day of love.

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