College Survival Guide: Netflix Edition

College is hard enough already without having to endlessly scroll through the thousands of options on Netflix, when you just need some time to chill. Look no further! This is the ultimate Netflix survival guide for college kids. Whether you are procrastinating homework or just need a moment to relax, here’s a list of some good options to watch! 

  1. FriendsIf you need a nice feel good comedy show to binge this is a great one! I think the only person who hasn’t heard of this classic TV show is Patrick, since he lives under a rock. Just in case you haven’t though here’s a little summary. The show centers around six friends in their mid-twenties living in Manhattan and the drama that occurs in their daily lives.
  2. Alias GraceAlthough there are only five episodes this show will hook you within the first ten minutes. The show is set in the past and focuses on a convicted murderer and a doctor coming to see if she is guilty or not, years after she was sentenced. Follow Grace as she relives the months leading up to her conviction and finding out what actually happened. The show has a bit of a darker tone so don’t watch before going to bed!
  3. Falling Inn LoveAnd of course, the romance movie! This movie had me laughing, crying, and freaking out from the very beginning. My roomie looked at me like I was crazy the entire time. A woman from San Francisco loses her job and breaks up with her boyfriend within a short period of time. On a whim she enters a competition and wins an inn in New Zealand. There she meets a handsome contractor and I bet you can guess what happens from there! It’s a very cliché movie but we are living for it!


    These are just a few of the many options that Netflix provides. Now go to Netflix, because I know if you’re reading this right now you are already on your computer and looking for something to do. So, go binge or if you have self-control, unlike me, go and watch just an episode or two. Happy watching!