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          Believe it or not, my first time ever going to Ikea was a year ago and I’m nineteen!  Living in Indiana, we only recently got an Ikea in Fishers, a suburb around Indianapolis. The only time I’ve heard of Ikea was in the movie, 500 Days of Summer, and apparently, they sell cinnamon rolls for a dollar? When the store opened, I decided to go, and I was oh so surprised! It’s literally an amusement park with multiple dining courts and a Swedish grocery store. As someone that prefers minimalist furniture and decor, I fell in love, particularly with the prices. I’ve been obsessed ever since. In this article, here are six, inexpensive décor pieces to decorate your dorm room or apartment.

Gradvis plant pot

All the plant pots in Ikea are super inexpensive, only around $5-$7. The Gradvis plant pot is super chic with white ridges, and retails for $5.99. Super cute!

Satsumas plant stand

This plant stand retails for $29.99 and can hold up to three plants. Perfect place in the corner of your living room.

Lustigkurre basket

This hand-woven basket is super cute to store everything! Retails for $12.99 for one basket.

Fejka Plant

The Fejka is an artificial plant that hangs downward. Perfect plant to put on a high shelf, like a bookshelf, and retails for $4.99.

Kransborre cushion

Looking for a cute pillow to lighten up your chair or bed? Look no further. This round pillow is super adorable and retails for $8.99. Only available in pink.

Sinnlig Candle

I’m obsessed with Ikea’s candles. My favorite scent is vanilla and smells like a cupcake. Only retailing for $1.49, they have a 25 hour burn time!

Lassbyn Mirror

I love this mirror! It’s a round mirror with a chain to hang. Super easy to place on the wall and lightens up your room. It only retails for $12.99!

Whether your ordering online or going to the store, Ikea is the perfect place for anything! And I mean anything, they have it all from Swedish meatballs to pet toys. I highly recommend!

Jordan is a junior at Purdue and majoring in History and Classical Studies, along with a minor in Forensic Science. Originally from Indiana, she loves drinking chai lattes, playing tennis, binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with her golden-retriever dog, Beau.